Saturday March 3 2018

Is it right for my colleagues to take credit for my work?

Isaiah Kitimbo

Isaiah Kitimbo 

By Isaiah Kitimbo

I work in an environment where colleagues are always struggling to impress the boss and everybody that matters. As such, they will go on listing their daily accomplishments, including taking credit for others’ effort just to be seen that they are working hard. What should be done?

Taking credit for colleagues’ work is a commonplace practice at many workplaces today.
This often happens in organisations, where employees are always fighting for attention from the bosses and workmates.
Taking credit for co-workers’ efforts or subordinates is one of the unfair practices that tend to daunt morale and employee productivity.
Therefore, it is a better workplace practice to instead recognise team members’ contribution; whether exhibited while handling a single project or daily tasks.
Cognisant of the fact that every team member has a different role to play towards the achievement of the overall goal of an organisation, it is very important to give credit where it is due.
This does not necessary have to be in monetary terms, though. Some examples include a ‘thank you note’ and introducing a wall of fame. Saying thank you to a specific effort can be rewarding to an individual employee.
Also pinning up names, and or photos of excellent performers every month or annually on the ‘wall of fame’ is such an elevating aspect.
It should be noted that acknowledging excellent work performance increases job satisfaction and motivation. This drives effective productivity.
It also invigorates positive emotions and facilitates behaviour because it signals an upcoming opportunity for a personal gain.

Isaiah Kitimbo
HR Specialist & Journalist
Monitor Publications Limited
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