Saturday March 22 2014

Believe in God to prosper

Last Saturday, people gathered at Namboole Indoor Stadium for the Eagle summit. This born again Christian annual gathering was organised by Bishop Dawn Willis of Cornerstone Healing Church. It had men, women and children travel from the countryside and beyond come for prayers and thanksgiving like never before.

The theme of the summit was exploring heights. The morning session started with praise and worship led by Pastor Jackson Malopa from Kenya and The Solid Choir that hails from Anointed Upper Room Church in Kamwokya performed for the congregation before Bishop Steven Mutesasira the senior Pastor of Anointed Upper Room Church in Kamwokya and City Prayer Altar at Kirumira Towers in Kampala, came to speak. He asked the congregants to always have faith in life and never to give up.

“I went to the Parliament of Uganda and asked the speaker if i could ministering to them during some of the sessions, i didnt fear , because i had faith, it wasnt thought about, i got myreply that very day. sometime very soon, i will have a sit in the parliament as their pastor ,” said Bishop Mutesasira adding that life is too short for one to despair.
At 1pm, Bishop Willis came in during the course of the summit and officially announced that it had started. She reminded the Christians that the summit was meant for prayer, thanksgiving not showing off.

“ Eagle summit is not meant for showing off but it has been organised to pray with and for people to remind them of who they are in God’s eyes,”, she said adding: “The whole of Uganda cannot come here for the summit because we are preaching and not exciting people about prosperity.” This is because some Christians get so excited about prosperity and attend in big numbers.

According to Bishop Willis, it was a room for everyone to soar, like an eagle and it was meant to encourage people not to settle for less.

Do not be afraid
Julie Mutesasira, a gospel artiste excited the congregation with songs igwe and saaba. She then invited the first speaker who was Bishop Mutesasira preached about elevation. He referred to psalms 3:1-3. He urged people never to fear in their lives, they should always have faith in what they do.

In his sermon, he asked everyone to be like Samson of the bible. “Samson had faith, he believed in himself that he could kill the lion, which was the reason he was successful in his life,” he said. As he concluded, he asked for people who wanted to prosper in life, telling each of them to offer some money for thanksgiving at the altar. He prayed for each of them assuring them of prosperity.

Bishop Success Nkongho, the founder and overseer of Solution Chapel, under Dominion Faith Ministries with headquarters in Douala-Cameroon was the main speaker during the last session in that started at around 4pm.
Faith is key to success
“If one doesn’t learn from history, they will fall victims and others will learn from them as history,” Bishop Nkongho said.

He shared his experience on how he started a church. “We rented out a small place which was to act as a church for one year. after five months, the premises were sold off without my consent,”he narrated. “I warned the people who evicted us but I asked God to take me to a better place. Now, I conduct services in decent premises and I give glory to God for he had my prayer of faith.

Dr Nkongho told a story on how he challenged the law that required churches to pay taxes in 2009. ” I asked the Cameroonian Government to pay taxes for the things they use that are provided by God like the earth where they are living and air they breathe, because of that, they withdrew the law there and then,” he said. This evoked an applause and it was time to praise. The congregants hugged the host as others took gifts to thank her for the summit.