Best friends separated by a sister

I have always insisted that it is not a good idea for friends to mix friendship and family. It is all well when a man dating a girl becomes friends with her brother that is okay


I have always insisted that it is not a good idea for friends to mix friendship and family. It is all well when a man dating a girl becomes friends with her brother that is okay. What is not okay is when a man starts to date his friend’s sister. Well, let us not generalise; sometimes the man in question is such a good person that his friend is certain that his sister is safe with his friend.
But unfortunately, most people cannot be trusted with one’s sister, especially those we call friends because we know them well, too well perhaps.
Jeff and Vinny were friends, partners in crime like they referred to each other. Whenever one was, the other was soon to show up. They did everything together, everything was good until Jeff got a crazy idea and started dating Vinny’s sister.

Vinny’s sister had not always been very pretty, so Jeff had never really paid attention to her. Until she went to school and came back after two years looking like she had undergone a complete makeover. She was no longer the bony, clumsy, shy little girl Jeff had always teased and seen like his own little sister. This was a full grown woman, with womanly curves, pretty and with a confidence to boot.

So Jeff told his friend Vinny that his sister was now looking hot. And Vinny just smiled, and said ‘if you knew how many men call that girl, as if she is now a man-magnet. You know what we should do? Every man that wants to take her out has to buy us drinks first, then if we like him she can have a date with him. What do you think Jeff?”

And Jeff thought about this, and said “yeah, good idea. Sounds like a plan”. But Jeff had his own plan, he had already asked out Vinny’s sister, jokingly. And jokingly, she had accepted, thinking it was no more than just a joke. She did not think Vinny was serious, and neither did he. Until the day arrived and they met and he loved hanging out with her, and they met again and again.

So, Jeff told Vinny that he should not let anyone else ask out his sister because he was dating her. Vinny thought Jeff was joking. But Jeff was serious. Vinny said, “alright”. And that was it. For a while, it seemed as if everything would work out.

But Vinny missed having Jeff as his partner in crime, and of course Jeff could not tell Vinny about his new girl, Jeff’s sister. One cannot discuss such things with the girl’s brother. But Vinny was okay with it; he was a good friend and as long as Jeff stayed true to his sister. But that did not last long. One day, he found out that Jeff was back to his old antics, seeing an ex- girlfriend.

Vinny told him to stop messing around. Jeff told Vinny to mind his own business. Vinny told Jeff that his sister was his business. And like that it went on, and would have ended well had not Jeff said, “your sister sleeps around, why can’t I?”

And Vinny punched him and broke his jaw. See, even when one knows that one’s sister sleeps around, one does not want to be told about it. Especially by one of the men she is sleeping with. And just like that, the great friendship was ended. Vinny told Jeff to stay away from his sister, to which Jeff replied “of course, I do not want her to give me her VDs”.

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