Creating your signature look

Choosing a signature look may seem daunting and you are likely to struggle to come up with something which is organic, striking but at the same time versatile and practical.

Sunday January 19 2014

The late Mandela had a

The late Nelson Mandela had a distinctive attire. 

By Jonathan Adengo

We have seen them in their trademark outfits. NelsonMandela had the Madiba shirt, Kenneth Kaunda; the former president of Zambia had the Kaunda suit. Even back home, we have Olara Otunnu who is famous for the West Africa kitenge shirt.
Getting a signature look is not something one can wake up to as it takes a lot more soul searching and getting to know you personality.

Xenson Senkaba, a fashion designer with Xenson Fashion House says personality and character traits have a lot to play when it comes to creating your own signature look.

Knowing who you are will play a big role in guiding you to choose what you want to wear. However, he says, “different jobs and personality traits will require that we dress in a certain way.”

Lincoln Kato says with a signature look, you just cannot wear anything you feel like. “If you are to dress with style then you must have a strategy and good knowledge about yourself,” he explains adding, that you must put things such as your body shape, size and taste in to consideration.

For most people who have a signature look, you notice that they are particular about the intricate details of what they wear. If it’s a black shirt then it will be once constant quality of material, fabric, and fit.

Xenson advises that you be true to yourself. A signature look should come out naturally for you without necessarily putting in a lot of effort.
He says most people who are particular about the clothes they like to wear are usually in position to afford them as they usually come at a cost. Not your everyday clothes.

“If you are creating a signature look, ensure the colours you opt for match with your skin tone,” Says Bagwana of Eguana Fashion House. If you do not do this, you will be a fashion disaster for life.

“One should be able to adopt a look that fits with their personality lest they end up flattering themselves,” says Xenson.
The designer also advises that you stick to clothes that make you comfortable because then they will make you feel good and confident.