Sunday January 26 2014

DAY IN THE LIFE OF A news anchor, Faridah Nakazibwe

Faridah Nakazibwe. Courtesy Photo

Faridah Nakazibwe. Courtesy Photo 

By Gloria Haguma

5am My day starts with a morning cold shower, which keeps me alert and fresh all day. I follow that with the morning prayers which I never miss.
My wake up time depends on the season. If school is going on, then I wake up as early as 5am to be able to prepare and drop off my children at school on time.
After dropping off the girls, I head straight to my work place, at Serena Conference Centre, to start my work for the day.
During holidays though, I wake up at 6:30 am because there is not so much to do for the children.

9am. I usually have my breakfast at office before the newsroom meeting, which convenes at 9 to plan for the day.
If I am the day’s anchor, I will head to the salon for a touch up, for a maximum of three hours depending on what I want to do. The day gets busier in the afternoon. I participate directly in the bulletin production (it helps me present it with confidence.)

I usually take on a story or two which i must execute before I hit the dressing room at 6 pm to get ready for studio. Otherwise, it would be a screen blunder without sufficient preparation.
6:20pmI enter studio to present the day’s highlights. I then utilise the remaining minutes before 7 to fully prepare, so I’m ready to roll at the top of the hour.

After the studio session, I do a little planning for tomorrow, then hit the road.
Back home, it is time to bond and catch up with family before the day breaks at about 10 pm.