Monday February 26 2018

Deborah liked the sportsman in me

Deborah liked sportsman Paul Ojuko Deborah

Pius Ojuko and Deborah wedded at St Charles Lwanga Church, Ntinda on January 2, 2018. COURTESY PHOTOS 


TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. Pius Ojuko and Deborah wedded at St Charles Lwanga Church, Ntinda on January 2, 2018. The couple shared their story about how they prepared for the ceremony.

When and how did you meet?
Pius: I met Deborah in high school. It was one of those moments when you set your eyes on someone and you feel at peace.
Deborah: We met in high school around February, 2009.

When did you become close?
Pius: We became close about a month later. She liked sportsmen and I was that kind of guy in school. I first approached Deborah at the school canteen and offered to buy her break snacks. From then I used to join the canteen chaos and buy her break, lunch, dinner snack on my bill.
Deborah: That was around March, 2009.
What attracted you to each other?
Pius: Her character, beauty, love for God, she was generally different from all the girls I had met in school.
Deborah: I was eventually attracted to him because, because at first I found him so annoying but later realised that he is soft at heart, loving, caring and kind. And the bonus, his love for sports and good looks.
How was the proposal?
Deborah: One day in 2016 when we were eating out, Pius promised me that by the time of my birthday (December 8) the following year, we would be married. I thought it was a joke but he came visiting me at home and repeated the promise. I never believed him because he jokes a lot until things started happening.

How did you come up with a wedding date?
Pius: I wanted us to wed on her birthday but it was not possible.
Deborah: I wanted the wedding to fall on my birthday, December 8, 2017, a Saturday but when we checked the church schedule, that date was booked out and we settled for January 2.

What was the most challenging thing before you launched your wedding meetings?
Pius: Accepting the fact that you have to wed and the challenges that come with it. It was a big step for us as a young couple but we were more than ready to embrace it.
Deborah: There was not much before the launch but during the preparation meetings, there was general conflict of interest but everything eventually worked out.
How did you raise the budget funds?
Pius: We had some savings but it was largely catered for by our family and friends who gave generously.
Deborah: They made sure our day was a success.

Did you involve a wedding planner?
Pius: Yes, Ms Margaret Ojuko from America Salon.
Deborah: My mother-in-law helped us with looking out for certain service providers.

What were you doing on the eve of your wedding?
Pius: We had to go to hospital.
Deborah: Our baby fell sick on that day and we had to attend to him. It was a bit scary but we had no option. We mustered courage and prayed as we sought medical attention.

Were you disappointed in any way during the wedding?
Pius: Yes, the positioning of the band was disturbing. They were at the back and the music playlist I had given them was not conformed to.
I could just hear them sing yet I wanted to see them play.
Deborah: No, I was not.

What did you enjoy the most on that day?
Pius: I enjoyed the church ceremony the most because it was the beginning of everything we had been preparing for. It was the core for the day.
The moment we exchanged vows was thrilling, the congregation turned up in big numbers and that made us feel loved. I also cannot forget how the homily was spot on. Church was more pleasant than the reception.
Deborah: I enjoyed the homily and everything at the reception because it was to perfection.

What was going through your mind during the wedding ceremony?
Pius: It was a mixture of reactions. I tried to remain calm and collected as everything was happening, I was excited as well as speechless.
Deborah: I could not believe that the day had finally come to pass.
Where did you shop for your attire?
Pius: Purple Rain at Acacia mall
Deborah: I shopped at Sister’s Bridals. because they have lovely original gowns from renowned international bridal designers.
Who made your wedding cake?
Deborah: Ms Gauda baked a cake whose flavours ranged from vanilla, coconut, lime to lemon at Shs8m. We wanted our guests to have a memorable time.
Did you go for premarital counselling?
Pius: Yes, we did. I learnt that prayer is a must in a family as it moulds a good home.
Deborah: Yes we did. We learnt a lot about general preparations on how to live with each other and how to handle the challenges that come. It was very helpful.
Is going for honeymoon vital?
Pius: Yes, but we have not yet gone for ours because of responsibilities. We plan on visiting a nice, quiet and secluded place soon.
Your advice to those planning to wed?
Pius: Follow your heart, do your thing. Keep in mind that there are challenges awaiting and you have to face them.
Deborah: It does not come easy and things might not go according to your plan but you should stand firm and not forget that the most important thing is the union before God.
Given chance to rewed, what would you change?
Pius: More live music.
Deborah: Have more time at reception.