Sunday June 29 2014

England is out but the adverts are not

By Jan Ajwang

Fun, anger, humour, blame games and hope? Mixed emotions continue to featuring in talk shows, newspapers and social media at the England’s performance in the World Cup. And while they are at it, mostly a video commercial pops up! The music is just right! The players featuring are the champs, ready to win and conquer!

Somewhere in the background there is one obvious or subtle England flag. It is painted on a face of an innocent child or an excited fan drinking one beer, water or soda brand while watching the games.

Indeed, ‘the future is now’ and as the tempo rises the player featuring reaches out for one of these many options; a beer, a shaver, chips, shampoo, and more. The winning mood has been set way better than I could describe so it is easy to feel that something great has happened or is happening to England. One, it could be that they are excelling in the tournament. Two, that they have already won the World Cup. Three that they were never out of the World Cup anyway!

Now the ads are now very ironical because in the real world, England hasn’t made it past the first round of the World Cup. So either the ads just don’t get it or it is too early for them to be brought down! What would become of all these wonderful ‘go- for -it- sky – is- the- limit –ads?

Ideally, they would have to stay on throughout the tournament until the Cup comes home. But since there is no cup, it turns out I am not the only person who is finding the adverts odd now. Daily Mail reported earlier in the week, that fans took to social media expressing their frustration about these adverts. It is also a complex challenge to the marketers; Now that the team is out are the ads folding too? That is a whole debate on its own, but apparently some companies have removed their adverts according to the Daily Mail.

See, the fans need some closure. But Lucky for Uganda, we have a main sponsor who also happens to be the President and even luckier we are not featuring in the World Cup so at least the ad that I have seen doing its round on UBC-TV is going do its time till the last day! You are the happier fans!