Sunday June 22 2014

Fate in the hands of midwives

After nine months of sweating with your bundle of joy in the womb, you look forward to the day you will hold it in your arms. Of course, after shopping for the unborn and everyone around you wants to guess the gender of the little one or even booking who will carry her or him first.

Then, comes the moment when you lie in the labour suite and expect the first yell of the cute sweet thing.

Unfortunately, some mothers’ joy does not live to be seen to those heights. Why? There are many factors, including the specialists’ behaviour that attend to you while you are at the hospital facility. Like Betty Nakiru in our big story today, she says the midwives at Kawolo Hospital had to ask for airtime, did not give her the status update of her delivery condition but rather were impolite and in the course she lost her baby.

However, the superintendent of the facility gives their version of the happenings which include insufficient equipment and the poor patient to doctor ratio.

However, it leaves me asking about the role of midwives. What are they expected to do on the day an expectant mother raises a complaint about her condition?, how do they talk to the patient since we have the very sensitive personalities that watch every move while being attended to? among other things. Isn’t our mothers’ fate in the hands of these midwives or birth attendants at the hospital?

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