Monday July 17 2017

Fathers at the forefront

Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, a committee member

Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, a committee member of the St Andrews Church of Uganda, Bukoto leads a fundraising for the church construction. PHOTO BY DERRICK WANDERA.  


Men in blue shirts with white writings dotted St Andrew’s Church of Uganda, Bukoto compound last weekend. They looked to be in their late 40s and above. They ushered us into church with fatherly handshakes and hugs. Yes, they were all fathers and members of Father’s Union as my host Timothy Draru revealed.
They moved between the pews, put the church in order as they were leading the service to mark the 40th church anniversary.

Fathers are God-ordained
Canon Col Robert Sekidde, head of Laity in Kampala Diocese of Anglican Church, who was the main celebrant, said fathers are the leaders of the family and they ought to lead in the spiritual growth of other family members.

“Family is a gift from God. God ordained man as the leader of the family, if we the men rise up and lift our families, then Uganda will stand strong in faith all through,” Canon Col Sekidde said.

Be exemplary
Seventy-eight per cent of Uganda’s population are Christians but Canon Col Sekidde says these figures are not reflected in practice.

“If only fathers could be at the forefront in talking about God, they would get inspired to grow their families into Godly homes and the figures would be well represented,” he explained.

Leading the fundraising of the new church building on the event that was themed “…But as for me and my family we shall serve the lord, family foundation’, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala urged fathers to lead by example and in Godly way to enable our country grow.
“Fathers need to be good leaders in homes and that is when the country will become corrupt-free and honest,” said Gen Katumba.

Element of change
Allan Waphukulu, one of the Father’s Union guild, says he has noticed a great change in his family, especially after joining the Union.

“My family has grown in terms of prayers and reading the Bible. We are inspired by fellow men to grow ourselves in faith and our families too. This is the future of our country and our Christian faith,” says Waphukulu who received a certificate of confirmation as a member of Father’s Union.

Geoffrey Kironde Kisuule, finds Father’s Union inspirational. “I have been part of the Father’s Union for five years and every year comes with its own package of growth and development. I have seen my family pray, eat and work together.We are actually more peaceful as a family than we were before I joined,” Kisuule explains, “We have grown in our relationship, evangelism, counselling and guidance.”
Dr Margaret Sekidde added that “Fathers should lead prayers to inspire the children to become responsible citizens. Our numbers as Christians will increase only that women are more devoted Christians than men.”

About Father’s union
Fathers’ Union St Andrew’s Church of Uganda, Bukoto is one of the many unions that inspire men in Godly and spiritual development. When it comes to big events, Father’s union or Mother’s union bring out the role of family in church.

Henry Rwabushaija, chairman of St Andrew’s Father’s Union, says since the inception of the church in 1977, Father’s Union has grown significantly.

“After the 40 years that we are celebrating today, Father’s Union stands to be one of the strongest pillars of the church. We hope that many of the members help their families to grow as it is our mandate,” says Rwabushaija.

On this celebration day, the Union awarded the most committed members and confirmed new ones.

“It feels so good to be fellowshipping with people who are ready to grow with friends. Father’s Union is built on the basis of St Peter and he is the foundation of the church. The father’s union is the foundation of the church.”

Samuel Matekha
“There is oneness that keeps growing. Since I joined the Father’s Union, I have learned to love my wife right. Also, members often move with their wives.”

“You get to share with people who have experience. I am 52years old and I have been in marriage for 20 years, the Union has made me overcome many marital problems.” KENNETH RUHWEJU