Sunday March 2 2014

For the love of the environment

Whenever I take a ride or walk through Kampala city, I get goose pimples. Why? I see the Executive Director’s efforts and team to map out the green belts and create parks! But, is this embraced with love by Kampalans? Maybe and maybe not. You will be astounded to find out that green means go ye and spread the dirt. It is not just the green areas being abused.

Last weekend, I sat by at one of the beaches (which has more grass than sand). A group of energetic young people were washing all manner of clothes right in the water body. I mean, drawing water using a basin and washing their clothes with Star Blue, Chapa Nyota and after rinsing from the brown-lather filled water, they poured it in the lake! Isn’t that called pollution?

Another group I saw comprised the seemingly elite that found a swamp and literally stuffed it with murram. Why? Because, they have got the monies to set up nice rental flats for the high class or expats. Is it worth it?

Andrew Mugyema, an environment enthusiast who has dedicated a big part of his life to fight the above categories of people. He believes that Mother Nature should sprout and give more life to people and not be abused. In this issue of Life, he shares his inspiration for such work.

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Cheers to life!