From Cardiff, with cold

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By Jan Ajwang

Posted  Sunday, December 8   2013 at  02:00

“Cardiff is very cold” many told me before I left Uganda for Cardiff University for further studies. However, stepping into the Wales Capital almost sent me back home.

I seemed to have walked out of an oven and straight into a deep freezer! It still is, we have been enjoying “fine” weather that has been fluctuating between eight, six, or even two degrees and some forecasts expect it go lower.

It is a couple of months and I have seen the sun, very few times. When I looked out and noticed there was “some” sun outside, there was the cold and cutting wind laughing back at me. I have been able to beat it by dressing warm, taking more hot drinks and more, but the psychological battle is still raging. How can people just go with this cold forever? How can you count months waiting for the sun, does the sun make people happier and does the cold wind make some hearts cold? Will my heart also get as cold as the one from the woman at the customer care shop the other day?

And while I am at it a skimpily dressed group of girls walks past me every so often and I just want to reach out for a kiboko and send them back home to get “proper, warm clothes”. Ironically some of them are actually looking so cold and in shivers. I am left clueless wondering whether this place has no Minister of Ethics. Maybe not.

For such cases it would be the Minister of Health to ban this kind of dressing especially in colder times. So I asked some of male buddies how they can be so selfish to show up in a party or go out for a drink all dressed up and warm with a shivering girl.

They explained that it was part of the attraction puzzle. Kudos to the ladies for being so brave and standing up to the weather. I just can’t be them, so I am keeping warm and I hope that some of the hard questions will one day vanish away.