Saturday August 4 2018

Grace’s humour blew me away

Till death do us part: Ronald and Grace after

Till death do us part: Ronald and Grace after exchanging vows. COURTESY PHOTO 


Ronald, how did you meet Grace?
Ronald: I met Grace in 2014 at the place where I used to have my dinner. We became friends but I later realised she could make a good wife.

How was your reaction like when he told you about his feelings?
Grace: He had become a good friend during the time I worked at Panaroma Suites in Mubende. The truth is that I did not get offended when he told me about his feelings and intentions towards me. I was really fine with it though it took me a while to respond to the proposal.
What attracted you to each other?
Ronald: I liked her attitude. She is responsible, beautiful, and humble with a good sense of humour.
Grace: Ronnie is handsome, kind, loving and caring.

Where was the wedding?
Ronald: We wedded on June 30 2018, at St Phillip’s and Andrew’s Cathedral in Mukono. Our ceremony was officiated by Venerable Canon Enosi Kagodo. We later held the reception at Bethesda gardens in Kilowooza - Mukono.

Why Bethesda gardens for the reception?
Ronald: It was home, near the church,and spacious enough to accommodate the 400 guests. The place also had rooms available for guests who could not travel the night after the wedding.
Did you have any worries?
Ronald: Yes, the turnout because most of my friends are in Mubende and Grace’s parents are from Ibanda. To my surprise, people travelled and arrived in time for service. I also thought the weather would not favour us since we had an outdoor reception.
Grace: I was worried about time keeping and indeed some of our friends from Mubende left before the function ended because it was getting late.

What excited you the most on your wedding day?
Ronald: Seeing dignitaries attend my wedding. I was overjoyed when I saw all my friends from Mubende, Busia attend our wedding including a friend I sat Primary Seven with. I really saw favour.
Grace: When we exchanged rings, I felt heavenly as well as seeing my friends and parents .

How did you choose the decoration service provider ?
Ronald: Grace did the colour selection and we brought in a decor person from Kampala. She had previously decorated at a friend’s function. This cost us Shs3.5m.

What was your theme colour?
Grace: Turquoise blended with white and gold. Turquoise is beautiful and it is Ronnie’s favourite colour.

Why did you choose gold rings?
Ronald: We had initially wanted silver but after realising that it is common, we opted for gold. I also considered my colour complexion; it does well with gold as opposed to silver.
Grace: We also wanted the rings to match the cake.

What cake was it?
Grace: A 23-tier fruit cake with different flavours such as apple and strawberry baked by my friend Phiona Nakitende Kamya. I like fruit cake because it is palatable for most people. It cost Shs3m.

What kind of gown did you wear?
Grace: Although my body shape is better in a mermaid gown, my passion for experimenting drove me to a pure white Cinderella sleeveless gown. I hired it at Shs600,000.
I changed into a turquoise dress that I had tailored at Shs350,000. Both blended with silver jewellery.

What criteria did you use to choose bridesmaids?
Grace: Six of my close friends made it. I never considered the size, height or skin complexion but our friendship. My maid of honour was Betty Mbabazi Muteyi, the chairperson of Mother’s Union Mubende because she is a friend and married.

Ronald, tell us about your attire?
Ronald: A stylist helped me choose my suit. The shiny silver jacket and black trousers blended with my skin complexion.

What did you consider while choosing your best man?
Ronald: Francis Candiga is my cousin and he is supportive. I also considered the fact that we are of the same complexion and physique.

How did you raise funds for your wedding?
Ronald: I had some savings. But most importantly being at social gatherings involving friends and relatives, I informed them in time so we laid strategies. We used short messages (SMS), meetings, and a WhatsApp group. These helped mobilise a number of friends who immensely supported me. My friends really played a big role.

What challenged you most during the preparations?
Ronald: People’s commitment. I was also far from my people ,which made it quite hard to get them to participate fully. And within the same period, my uncle who was the main person in the preparation, got an accident and broke his rib. I was forced to drive to Kampala at least thrice a week for about three weeks. I am glad that he got better and everything was pulled off successfully.
Grace: The maids really disturbed me. About three of them pulled out a week to the wedding. I really felt bad that they even switched off their phones, meaning I had to look for substitutes.

What was your honeymoon like?
Ronald: It started from a hotel in Mukono where we spent a night after the wedding. We later travelled to different places in Jinja. I enjoyed the time I spent with my bride in the quiet places we moved to. I loved keeping close to Grace all the time, and we watched movies.
Grace: We spent some quality time; I loved the food, we even watched World Cup together.

Did premarital counselling add any value to your relationship since you were cohabiting?
Ronald: Yes, Rev Titus Barrack told us basics of living together. The other counsellor was Canon Godfrey Ssengendo, the Vicar of Mukono Cathedral. The most interesting session was the bed ministry where we were reminded of the communication in bed. I learnt that the bedroom should not be a court room but rather a chat room. And if things do not work out well, we were advised to find moments when the other party is in a good mood and discuss issues bothering us.
We were also encouraged to provide conclusive answers to each other so as to avoid creating doubt. In cases things go to the extreme, we at least look for the person that wedded us for guidance. However, we were above all advised to confide in God and that we should not be married for sex as it does not determine marriage.
The most important is the love and being there for each other. The counsellor referred it to the book of Genesis when God created man, He did not create Eve as a sex partner but rather a companion. Sex is a spice to marriage.
Grace: The counsellor talked about cleanness, being caring, loving and helping each other emphasising the need to treat my husband as a king.

Given chance to re-wed what would you do better?
Ronald: I would go with the groomsmen to select their suits so as to have fitting clothes to avoid last minute panic.
I would also make sure that I do not miss the white horse, I had wanted to move on a white horse but when we went to the stable, we found a grey horse which I could not use. Due to that, I promise to give my wife a horse ride one day.
Grace: Last time I got a challenge with the maids’ shoe size, they were bigger but this time I would move with the maids to fit into the shoes.

How would you advise someone that is wedding soon?
Ronald: Do early preparation to avoid stress, and choose the service providers carefully. Do not forget to agree on the terms and conditions with them.
Also, choose the groomsmen carefully to avoid last minute disappointment.
Grace: Look up to the day and focus on being happy. Many stressing factors may come in and therefore be careful with what you listen to, sieve advice and have a core team of two or three people who will act as stress absorbers on your behalf.