Housemates become lovers

Alauterio Twinokwesiga and Pross Ahebwa former students of Kabale Institute of Health Sciences wedded on November 27, at Christ the King Church in Kabale

THE LOVEBIRDS. Alauterio and Pross Twinokwesiga share a moment after exchanging vows at Christ the King Church in Kabale 


TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. Alauterio Twinokwesiga and Pross Ahebwa former students of Kabale Institute of Health Sciences wedded on November 27, at Christ the King Church in Kabale. Shortly after, they shared their journey of marriage to ROBERT MUHEREZA.


Where did you meet?
Alauterio: The first time I met Pross, it was in the early morning mass at Christ the King Church in Kabale Town. I saw a beautiful, slender and humble young girl as she moved to the altar taking her offertory. I was dumbstruck that at the end of mass I had to wait outside the church to talk to her.
Pross: I met a stranger at church that begged to talk to me but I was hesitant because I feared boys. Little did I know that he would be my future husband.
How did you get close to each other?
Alauterio: After mass, I asked her whether she would mind visiting me but she turned down my advances until a week later. We were both students at Kabale Institute of Health Sciences pursuing a diploma in Clinical Medicine. She was in her first year and I was in my final year. When she visited me I proposed marriage to her and she accepted. We kept praying throughout our courtship until our wedding.
Pross: After church he insisted that I visit him, I accepted after saying several prayers to God and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit because I had never visited boys. We got close on December 31, 2009 when we spent a whole night together at my sister’s place celebrating the New Year.

What attracted you to each other?
Alauterio: Her humility and calmness during mass and her love for studies while at school unlike other women that preferred social life more than studies. I also dreamt of marrying a scientist like me because health service delivery was my childhood dream.
Pross: His kindness attracted me more. One day, I was chased from hospital staff houses and he offered a room for my friend and I until he helped us to get our own room. At that time, he was living with his friend in a double room. He convinced his friend to give up one room for us. We lived in the front room and they occupied the behind one. He locked the middle door to avoid interfering in each other’s business. Alauterio would give us food in case ours finished.

How did you feel?
Alauterio: I felt great because I knew that God had given me a woman who had all the qualities of my dream partner.
Pross: I was happy because I saw a caring person that would make a good husband. He shared his pocket money with me and he would always counsel me every time I was crying because of delayed school fees.

For how long did you date?
Alauterio: About five years and that is when we got our first born who became our page boy.

Who was your maid of honour?
Pross: Olivia Kobugabe because she is my close friend and has been counselling me ever since I started my relationship with Alauterio.

Who was your best man?
Alauterio: Leonard Nyamigisha because he is my longtime friend from primary to secondary school and we shared most qualities in terms of faith.

When did you come up with your wedding date?
Alauterio: We came up with our wedding date in May 2016 and we started planning there and then until May this year when we fixed it for November 25, 2017.

Where did you buy your wedding rings?
Alauterio: We bought the wedding rings from Kabale Town. That particular shop deals in the type of rings that we wanted and we had made an order with them, the rings are gold and each cost us shs250,000.

How much did your wedding suit cost?
Alauterio: It was tailor made and I opted for that because I wanted a particular design, that is, collarless cream and the designer is my best in Kabale town. I zeroed down on it because it matched my light complexion. It cost me Shs 200,000.

Did you engage a wedding planner?
Alauterio: No, I consulted my friends and they advised me on how to make a beautiful wedding ceremony.

What were you doing on the eve of your wedding?
Alauterio: I was with the committee chairperson shopping for my wedding and double-checking our wedding checklist to ensure that everything was in order to make the party colourful.
Pross: I was at home receiving some of my guests and giving them refreshments.. I also went with my maids to the salon, checked on the cake and the decoration as part of the final touches.

Were you disappointed in any way during your wedding?
Alauterio: Yes, the hotel management asked for extra money for services yet I had cleared everything.
Pross: Yes, someone stole a bag of Irish potatoes that we had bought to serve our guests and we had to buy more on our wedding day.

What did you enjoy the most during your wedding day?
Alauterio: I enjoyed looking at my wife in the gown because it was my first time see her wearing such a dress which had always seemed to be a dream. I also enjoyed the moment when she was putting a ring on my finger and the warm hug she gave me thereafter. The guest turn up was encouraging.
Pross: I enjoyed the food because it was well done.

Given a chance to redo your wedding, what would you change?
Alauterio: I would change the venue to a high class hotel that has bigger gardens to accommodate many people. It should be my day to smile and not worry about such details.

Why did you take long to wed?
Alauterio: Limited finances that would make my party colourful.
Pross: The wedding day was delayed because I waited for my husband to make a decision about it.

What was the most challenging thing during the preparations?
Alauterio: Determining the number of the guests because it was difficult to predict who would come and this affected planning.

Did you go for premarital counselling?
Alauterio; Yes, I went for premarital counselling at Christ the King Church, Kabale and I learnt how to be faithful to my wife and that I should also develop a collective responsibility while taking care of my family together with my wife and children.
Pross: I was taught to keep upgrading our sex life but the details are my secret.

How can one cut costs on their wedding day?
Alauterio: Use friends more than hired labour. Aim at giving the basic items and avoiding extravagancies such as the after party ceremonies.
Pross: Consult as much as possible and compare prices from different service providers.

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