Friday January 12 2018

If your partner is not making up their mind quit in 2018


By Christine Nakalungi

Last year ended and as some people successfully hit their relationship goals, many others are still stranded in a den of loneliness and bleeding hearts. While trying to put the past behind you, I would appreciate it if you analysed all the things that brought you misery and heartbreak in 2017.

For instance some people actually gave love a chance but never got it back. Others got tired of waiting for the perfect one that they settled for the available.
Today, however, I am more interested in the group of people who have given up on fighting to find true love but instead, have settled for being the rescue partner.

A rescue partner is someone in a middle of a love triangle; the partner dumps them whenever there is a new catch.
They are used to the cycle because when the fling is over, the partner always comes back to them.

I know my dear sister/brother that you have kept positive hoping one-day that player of a partner will realise that you are the right one. You have allowed him to step on you, break your heart over and over again but by a mere ‘forgive me’ kiss, you forget all that.

If you are the kind of person with an intent of moving on this year, you have to stop mending what’s already broken. It is time to acknowledge that you deserve better.

Everyone deserves love and someone who treats them well. If last year your partner gave you nothing but headache, you have no business wasting another year with him.

Remember that as you wait for them to make-up their mind, the clock on the other hand is ticking. Soon, nature will catch up with you; you will be too old to outshine your guests on your wedding day.

I want you to consider that every time you have a shadow partner, there is no room for another one to come in. This year, purpose to make the best out of it and open your heart to possibilities. You never know it might just be your time.

If you have been dating a partner who never seems to make up their mind, it is time to make yours up before it is too late. Because if you don’t, by the time you wake up, you may be too broken to be fixed.

Always know that you are not anyone’s babysitter, you deserve happiness of your own and if someone cannot give it to you it is time to go out and find it.

This is not a year to waste; you can either make it fruitful or make it fruitful there is no other option.
Can you turn all the tears you cried in 2017 into a new chapter to sing, dance and love? The choice is yours. Have a prosperous new year.

Christine Nakalungi