Monday July 17 2017

It all started at high school

The Ssekates after tying the knot at Our Lady

The Ssekates after tying the knot at Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church. COURTESY PHOTO 


When and how did you meet?
Tonny: We met in 2004 while in Seeta High School Main Campus for O-Level. How we met was probably by destiny.
Winnie: We met in Senior Two at Seeta High School around 2004.

So, when did the two of you eventually become close?
Tonny: We have been friends since then but got closer close in 2014.

How so?
Tonny: Winnie suggested to come and visit me. I scheduled it for January 26, 2014.

How was the visit?
Tonny: That day was memorable because we got to understand each other more. We discussed many things including our future.
Winnie: Lovely and full of fun.

Did you propose to her?
Tonny: Yes, I did. I invited her for dinner at Haandi Restaurant on Kampala Road but she had no idea what was bound to happen. I had earlier on jokingly given her a hint that I would propose to her on Kampala Road.

How did he pull it off?
Winnie: After the dinner, he went on one knee then dropped the question with the ring in his hand.

What was your reaction?
Winnie: I got speechless and almost cried. I was amazed and I will never forget that moment.

What attracted you to each other?
Tonny: I think we had certain things in common. But most importantly the good values and character I noticed in her. Being religious is another reason that attracted me to her.
Winnie: Similar mind-sets and we could get along easily. Being hardworking and honest are other factors that attracted me.

What was your budget and how did you raise the funds?
Tonny: Shs25m. We used different avenues through meetings, family contributions, and friends.
Winnie: We raised it through family and friends meetings respectively.

Where did you shop for your attire?
Tonny: Winnie’s was hired from Tem Fashion Wear at Shs700,000.

Who did the bride’s make-up?
Winnie: Tem Fashion Wear staff did it at Shs350,000.

What was the most expensive item?
Winnie: Reception decoration which cost Shs2.5m.

Who made your cake?
Tonny: My friend from Gamestar Bakers, Makerere made our 16-tier strawberry and lemon cake. It cost us Shs 1.5m.

What did you enjoy the most?
Tonny: Every moment because it was such a bright, sunny day that the Lord had made. Most importantly, I loved our choice of readings and the gospel which were premised on prayer and love. Then, the music at the reception was on point.
Winnie: At Church, I enjoyed the priests preaching to us as we had chosen the readings ourselves and the theme for our wedding was prayer, so he brought it out very well during the preaching. At the reception, I really enjoyed the way we danced to the music and the DJ did good justice to what we wanted that day. Indeed we enjoyed.

Were you disappointed in any way?
Tonny: No, because everything was going on as planned by the time manager and the organising committee. All my service providers did their part promptly.

What was going through your mind during the wedding ceremony?
Tonny: My mind was at peace. I just kept thanking God and reflecting on how this journey started.
Winnie: Finally, I’m Mrs Ssekate. Ebenezer, God has brought us this far; a journey from minors to adulthood.

Did you go for premarital counselling?
Tonny: Yes, at Our Lady of Africa Church, Mbuya. It is important in marriage.

What did you learn from it?
The key lessons learnt include:
• Marriage is not a bed of roses, but build it on prayers, trust and love.
• Key aspects to note in marriage: communication, financial management, parenting, conflict resolution and how to handle in-laws/relatives.
Winnie: Three things stood out for me; Prayer wins all battles in marriage; discipline is key as we become submissive to our husbands no matter our social status, and a good marriage is made by the two of us.

Did you think of going for honeymoon as vital?
Tonny: Yes, it is very important as one of the ways of celebrating a milestone.
Winnie: Yes, it refreshes the couple after all the wedding preparation stress.
Did you have any debts after the wedding?
Tonny: No, I’m proud to say that all service providers were cleared by my trusted treasurer and we actually had a surplus that was given to us as entandikwa [capital].
What is your advice to newly married couples?
Tonny: What God has put together, no man can divide. They should always remember how far they have come from and always uphold to their marriage vows.
Winnie: The journey has just begun. Stick and pray together for a happy marriage

How can one cut wedding costs?
Winnie: Research about different service providers and market prices then compare.
Tonny: Work within your means.

Date: May 27, 2017
Groom: Tonny Ssekate
Bride: Winnie Mirembe
Church: Our Lady of Africa Mbuya
Reception: Canopy Gardens, Mutungo
Budget: Shs 25m