Sunday May 18 2014

Just asking...

Every day, I watch and wonder, and wonder some more. Some of these mysteries of life in Uganda are too much for the common mind to bear!

1. Why do taxis only put enough fuel to move from, let us say, City Square to Centenary Park? Is it written in the Constitution?
2. Are the jackets of bodaboda riders dirt-proof? Is that why they are never washed?

3. Does rain qualify as a natural disaster in Kampala?
4. Is there ever any good news on Agataliiko Nfuufu?
5. Am I the only one who thinks Coco Finger’s name is extremely rude?
6. Why does anyone need speakers and a public address system for a crusade of five people?
7. Do the presenters of the 7 pm news bulletin on NTV ever smile? Are they under strict instructions not to display any emotion?
8. Why do certain top officials move around with sacks of money? Don’t they have bank accounts or haven’t they heard of mobile money?
9. Why is the uniform of Kololo SS so similar to that of the traffic police?
10. Why do lawyers call each other “Learned friends”? Are the rest of us illiterate?

11. What animal can eat a Marabou Stork and survive?
12. Is there a secret code that people whisper to buy condoms? How come I never see anyone purchasing them?
13. Why is there so much mud at Nakulabye main stage – do they grow it there?
14. What came first- the overgrown housefly or some Antonio’s joint?
15. Does Bebe Cool have eyes or was he born wearing sunglasses?
16. Apart from HIV/AIDS, what disease can’t a native doctor from Tanzania treat?

17. Is 80 the new 40 in terms of civil service jobs?
18. Why haven’t the MDD buildings in Makerere collapsed and died yet?
19. Do the salesgirls at Jiang de Fu supermarket in Wandegeya swallow sleeping pills before reporting to work? Please enter any weekday after lunch and confirm!

20. Do all mobile money agents ensure that they don’t have enough ‘float’ whenever they see a customer approaching? Where is the mysterious ‘float’ taken? Should customers come with their own ‘float’?