Monday December 4 2017

INSIDE OUT. Memory lost and not found

By Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

It is interesting that in this, we somehow remember the negative matters more than the positive.”

More and more people find themselves in situations where forgetting becomes the norm. This is happening at an alarming rate that even the younger generation is not spared.

I remember how we used to make fun of the gold fish with its five seconds memory. Some of us take less time to forget even our daily activities, such as what we had for lunch, where we placed our keys and forgetting one of the items on a two-item list while doing a quick shopping.

Another important thing to remember on many people’s calendars are birthdays and anniversaries, thank God for social media apps such as Facebook, we are promptly reminded of our friend’s birthdays.

This is always useful especially for those friends who take the time and effort to send you best wishes. However, if you have not entered other special dates, such as your wedding anniversary on your Google calendar, then with daily hustles, you risk forgetting and must face an unwanted, endless questioning list.

It is interesting that in this, we somehow remember the negative matters more than the positive. I have a very close friend who seems to forget many things on daily basis, but somehow keeps the memory of challenges given to her by certain people, this sometimes causes her a lot of stress. Although we ask her to try adding these negative issues to the list of forgettable matters, this comes to no avail.

Who does not remember how many years ago we were warned that cell phones can cause memory loss. Although medical research does not confirm this 100 per cent, I believe it may have a great effect on us. Otherwise, I do not see what else has happened to cause such a drastic drop in our memories.
One of the solutions offered to improve this malfunction is based on one’s diet.

Healthy oils found in foods such as coconut, Salmon, and olives seem to rank high on the list of foods that can help our memory. Fruits and vegetables such as beets, berries, broccoli and celery are also on the list, these are a bit highly priced, but thank God, there is also another item that is found in abundance in our beautiful Uganda, avocados.

It seems that this heavenly fruit has what it takes to help grease our memory gears, that they may push us forward.
At the end this, I wish, like many others, to forget all that causes hurt and stress. That is when forgetting truly becomes a bliss.