Sunday March 31 2013

Renewing yourself this Easter season


The Lord has risen, the sounds of the trumpets are echoing in many a Christian life. Festivities are in most homes and communities. However, while the above are easily achieved, letting the real meaning of Jesus Christ’s resurrection apply to one’s life is often not as simple. Nonetheless with some guidance from your cleric, the journey is made easier.

Works of charity
“Holy week which starts on Palm Sunday marks the last period of the Lenten period but prepares us for the Lord’s resurrection on Easter Sunday after the mysteries of suffering, humiliation and death, our Lord went through during the 40 days of Lent.
Our lives are normally renewed through the different works of charity, arms giving and fasting, and living in an intensive prayer life. We have to always take Jesus Christ’s example who went under temptations at the beginning of his ministry, but he stood by his father’s word and did not go against his will,” says Monsignor Gerald Kalumba, the Christ the King Parish priest.

Forgiveness and prayer
The Lenten season is a period for renewal and self-denial where we have to refocus our deeds and ask for forgiveness. Renewal should not only stop in Lent but all through our lives by feeding and visiting the sick and the outcast, prayer and fasting. The more time given to prayer during Lent should draw us closer to the Lord. We might pray especially for the grace to live out our baptismal promises more fully.
Prayer not only focus on us, but also the newly baptised through their journey and also pray for all those who will celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation with us that they will be truly renewed in their baptismal commitment. However, renewing the baptismal commitment lies at the heart,” says Rev. Diana Nkesiga, the All Saints Cathedral Vicar.

Love and reconciliation
“This Easter, we are all called upon to change our hearts and to renew ourselves, spiritually, socially and materially. As the Lord has risen from the dead, we are celebrating the mystery of his death, passion, and resurrection. In this case, we are advised to always love one another, care and give to the needy, forgive those that wrong us and seek reconciliation and justice to attain true peace, the peace that the Lord has brought to us today. We should also give to one another because no one is too poor to give or too rich to receive,” says Rev. Fr. Ronnie Muburu, the Assistant Administrator at Rubaga Catholic Cathedral.

A call for behavioural change
“As we celebrate Easter this year, we recall the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ who went through temptation, suffering and death to bring us to everlasting life. The many things that have been happening in the lives of different individuals show that morals have declined and values are no longer regarded.

However, this resurrection calls upon us to renew our lives through behavioural change. Care for the needy, forgive whoever wrongs you, pray to overcome the devil, visit and pray for the sick and prisoners,” says Pastor Michael Kyaze, of Omega Healing Centre.