Sunday August 24 2014

Shining like an old nugget

By Dennis D. Muhumuza

One of my favourite rap artists is Mase. His music before and after he got saved speaks to me profoundly. Apart from his effortless, aesthetic flow, his lyrics are mostly a story of his life that I can relate to.

A story that has universal appeal; that resonates with many people trying to make it in life. The struggles they endure and the temptation to give up. In the hit ‘Gotta Survive’, for example, Mase talks about how everyone sees you on television without the thought of the price you paid to get there.

“Now it’s easy but I started with no budget, I was weary some days I used to sit there my eye teary thinking to myself, dude does anybody hear you...” he sings, “But now I’m now shinning like a gold nugget cos I made the most of it.”

By making the most of it, Mase means he didn’t let the obstacles to his dream frustrate him to the point of surrender. He hustled more and stayed focused. There were those who had been in the industry longer who kicked and ridiculed him, behaving like a bull that never wants to see another bull in the kraal. But Mase knew he had it in him and worked to prove the naysayers wrong. It was not easy as it never is especially when you have no mentor or father figure to guide you along and boost your esteem. That’s why we have many life coaches.

And you can get one; it doesn’t matter what stage you are at, you can get one to help you discover your capabilities and guide you in applying them. Remember fulfilment in life has little to do with money, but more to do with knowing who are and what you want and going for it. When you understand this, you will become “salty like sodium”
[another Mase line] and lead a happy, thriving life even in your easy circumstances.