Sunday January 7 2018

Six ways to rev up your spirituality



Living a godly life is a progressive journey. Every day, every year, we seek to become better versions of who we are and to do this, a deep relationship with our Creator matters, and indeed counts. As the year begins, plan to move that journey further, purpose to grow your relationship with God stronger and better. Different people have different ways they do this.

Be Holy Spirit led
Dickson Katumba, a Born Again, shares that he plans to work around his busy schedule. “I plan to dedicate an hour every morning to Bible reading. I will also try as much as possible to fellowship with the brethren throughout the week,” Katumba notes, adding that he will devote to his church WhatsApp group where different people from his church share about their understanding of the Word, discuss what happened in the fellowship among others. “I believe that will help me keep up since my job involves going upcountry most of the time. But most important is to be led by the Holy Spirit,” he says.

Listening to gospel music
Music is a very powerful instrument that can influence one’s thinking and behaviour. “Most of the music I listen to on my phone, laptop, at home, in the car is not gospel. So, I plan to replace all my music with gospel music as a way of renewing my relationship with God,” Frank Benson Muhangi, an Anglican says. He also plans to get more involved in religious activities like fasting, going for church service and praying.
Spend time with godly people
“I plan to spend time with God-fearing friends. Right relationships with the right people who can build you spiritually are energising. They have a restoring and renewing quality. It is always refreshing being with those who strengthen you in the Lord,” Melissa Birungi, a Catholic says.

Make holy pilgrimages
Umar Kiyingi, a Muslim, says among the many things he plans to do this year to strengthen his commitment to Allah is making Hijrah to Mecca. “I started saving money to go with my wife to Mecca in 2017, and I’m still doing so. It is going to be expensive, but worth every shilling,” he says. Kiyingi also notes that going to Mecca is both a privilege and an honour and draws one near to Allah, but it is also a blessing, and commanded to those who can financially afford to do it.

Devote oneself to the commandments
The five pillars of Islam are some of the most important things in the life of a Muslim. “They remind us that there is no other God but Allah, encourage a Muslim to pray five times a day, to give to the poor, fast during Ramadan and to perform the Holy Pilgrimage to Mecca. In 2017, I was sick during Ramadan, so I did not fast, but this year, Insha Allah, I will fast, and continue to devote myself in daily prayers,” Ibrahim Lule, a Muslim says.

Listen to testimonies
At church, on radio, on TV and within individuals, there are testimonies of what God has done. Revelation 12:11 also says “They won him (the enemy)…by the word of their testimony…” Annet Nahurira, a Seventh Day Adventist, says this is her strategy. “Listening to other people’s testimonies serves as a reminder that there is more to this life than what you make of it. At the end of the day, testimony will make you feel better about yourself and make you believe there is a God above everything,” she says.

Purpose to live a ‘single life’
Robert B. Mutyaba, head of the Bible Reader’s Network.
“Maintain one face before workmates, family, church members, the public and everywhere. Such a life can be a challenge, but that is what it really means to be a Christian – Christlikeness. In each situation, you can ask yourself the question: What would Jesus do?
Character is what we are when alone and nobody is watching. Reputation is what people think of us. The focus of a ‘single life’ is to make character meet with reputation.

Some of the practical ways is to design a time management routine for yourself so as to allocate time to the important things in your life; bible reading, spending time alone with God (personal retreats, prayer)
Identify time wasters and reduce them. These may be TV, social media among others. Ideally, this should lead anyone to becoming more focused and more efficient.