Sunday October 14 2012

THOUGHTS: Social network bores

By Christine .W. Wanjala

I have been on Facebook for a while. Not in the sense that I just spent a lot of time scrolling the pages. No, I mean I joined Facebook back when it was a preserve of the cool people.

Trust me, that was, before every to Dick, Harry, their fathers and shady neighbours joined. Those were sweet times, when you used Facebook to keep up with your friends, and post witty comments and jokes for each other.

It irks me that people have removed the fun from Facebook by the nature of their comments and that. The average Facebook post is now either boring or annoying. The most annoying are people who decide to upload every mundane happening in their lives. Those that are deluded enough to think their friends and I use this term in the loosest sense give a rats tail about how they have just had matooke and groundnut sauce for lunch or how it is raining..

And then there are those who attempt to outdo Socrates in philosophy, which would not be so bad if they did not just copy quotes of famous people and paste them. Did I mention that most times the quotes are cliché? Or that there are those that specialise in love and relationships. “If someone loves you they will make you a priority’ or ‘love is like a flower, blah blah’. So annoying especially if it is multiple posts from the same person.

Along with the whiners are those who take their emotional issues to Facebook. I guess once in a while you can have a rant. But to make Facebook your problems instead of facing them? It is inexplicable how someone thinks that by posting how sad they are they will get genuine sympathy. From Facebook really?

There are many others like those who post flowers daily and cuddly teddy bear pic and say if you care also do the same for them not to mention those who ask you to forward or like a certain message if you love Jesus. If that isn’t blackmail then I do not know what is. Others try insert themselves in threads that are beyond them not to mention those who post old recycled jokes oblivious of the fact that anyone who is not a total loser has seen that joke like years age.

Ps: You can’t question me being friends with these people because you accept a friend request innocently enough then their true colours show!