Sudhir and Miller Byaruhanga

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Loving the moment

Loving the moment 

By Esther Oluka

Posted  Sunday, December 8  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

Sudhir Byaruhanga, a Senior News Reporter at NTV tied the knot with his bride Miller Arayo Byaruhanga, a Social Worker.


How did you meet?
Miller: We met in 2006 at Uganda Christian University where we were both studying but started dating in 2007. Sudhir was in his third year studying Mass Communication, I was in my Second year studying development studies.

What was the most interesting part of the church service and reception?
Sudhir: When Miller was matching elegantly towards me at the altar. Oh my God! I had never seen her as beautiful as she was on that day. Miller was stunning.
Miller: My most exciting church moment was when my father was walking me down the aisle. I was very humbled by this experience.

And the reception?
Sudhir: It was when my colleagues at NTV handed me a very attractive sketch of myself when I was in Congo. Another interesting bit was when the Master of Ceremony (MC), Pablo, one of country’s best comedians cracked my ribs with his numerous witty jokes.

Miller: The most captivating part about the reception was the entertainment bit. Sudhir’s two grandmothers sang for me a song in English. Just seeing those two old women pouring their hearts in a song was very amusing for me. Also, we had a band playing for us “Akoogo,” a local instrument found among the Iteso.
Away from the blissful moments, did you encounter any kind of disappointments on your special day?

Miller: Oh yes, I was not happy when the person who was supposed to bring my father to the church failed to do it on time. I personally called and told him to find his own way to church. He had been staying in one of the hotels around Kampala. Just as I was thinking of telling one of my uncles who was within the church premises to walk me down the aisle instead, he arrived. Also, the traffic jam along Entebbe Road disorganised us. We were supposed to start the reception at 4pm but ended up starting it at 5pm.
Sudhir: I was also very frustrated when my own family members failed to make it on time for the church service. They knew that it was such an important day, but they chose to disappoint me. I was a little bit unhappy during the reception as well when the service providers delayed to serve the food.
If you were given chance to wed again, what are some of the things you would change?
Sudhir: I would spend the night in the same place with my parents so as to ensure that they keep time.

Miller: I would put my parents under the guidance of someone who knows how to manage time very well. The intention would be for them to make it to church on time. Also, I would change the hair salon. I was not happy with the hairdressers at the salon where my bridal entourage and I went. They delayed to work on us in that we ended up arriving for the church service at about 9.30am and yet we were supposed to be there at exactly 9am.
How much money did you spend on the entire wedding?
Sudhir: We spent close to Shs20m. This money covered everything ranging from dressing, transport, decorations, food to entertainment.

Did you go for your honey moon on that same day of the wedding?
Sudhir: No, we went for it the following day. Miller and I had it from Forest lodge in Mabira Forest. We spent a period of five days there.

What attributes attracted you to one another?
Miller: Sudhir is very loving, considerate and understanding.
Sudhir: Miller is very tolerant and loving. One thing that I noticed about her is that she is very faithful. It is a special attribute that very few girls have and I am happy that she is among them.

Are there any unexpected positive or negative things that happened on your big day?
Sudhir: Besides some of my close relatives failing to turn up for the event, some shrewd boys attempted to take my pictures during the event so that they could sell them. Most of the good surprises however happened just days before the wedding. Agnes Nandutu, a good friend of mine and colleague at NTV stunned me with an amount of money close to about Shs2m. She had collected this money from our other colleagues from NTV.

The entourage was composed of Miller’s childhood friends and sister. They opted for her favourite colours- gold and green. The ladies paid for the dresses and the couple paid for shoes. They opted for lilies which they love because they don’t whither and are not bulky.

The groomsmen were picked from Sudhirs friends. He opted for tuxedos because they look elegant and go well with bow ties which he wanted to have at his wedding. The guys paid for their outfits.

The proposal
I called her from Soroti where she was staying in September last year. When she finally came to Kampala, I took her out for pizza together with her close friends and my sisters. When we were done eating, I pulled out my ring and asked her to marry me. She said yes. This was last year.

Sudhir Byaruhanga
Miller Arayo
Wedding Venue
Watoto Church Central
J&M Airport Road Hotel, Bwebajja, Entebbe Road