Tales from kameme: When I ate away my dignity

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By Lindsey Kukunda

Posted  Sunday, December 29  2013 at  00:00

I happened to enjoy a lovely dinner a few nights ago with friends. So good in fact that when I was offered a container to take some of the food home with me, I agreed most heartily.

Fast forward to the next morning, when I am retrieving my container from the fridge, so I can enjoy my tortellini and meatballs over breakfast at work. With black tea and lots of sugar? A lip smackingly brilliant idea.

A dear and near one hovering by noticed my actions.

“What is that”, they queried.

“Food”, I responded cheerily.

“Leftovers from someone’s dinner?”

I quavered.

“Yyyyeesss….?” I affirmed tentatively.

A sneer was the response I got. I realised that I was being told it was undignified to eat leftovers that are not yours. Even if you want to. The foolish notions humans imposed on themselves.

I was so curious about this new rule (in my book at least), that I asked another near and dear one what they thought. Her response was one of shock

“You can’t eat left overs,” she gasped.

“Well, why not?” I pushed. “I don’t get it, I really don’t!”

“Because it’s just not done” she responded hotly. “You have got to have some dignity!”

“Dignity!” I laughed. “You telling me that if I open up this dish of tortellini and meatballs, stewed up by the genuine article-a true Italian-you are not going to want a piece of it?”

“No!”, she declared firmly. “They are not fresh. They are left overs. And they are not even yours!”

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