The Kanzu affair

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To events, you can layer the kanzu and come off like a Saudi Prince. Phot by Abubaker Lubowa 

By Tom Brian Angurini

Posted  Sunday, March 20   2016 at  02:00

In Summary

EMBRACE ISLAMIC WEAR. Uganda’s maiden hijab and kanzu fashion affair left many impressed at Hotel Africana. Tom Brian Angurini brings you fashion tips from the event.

Excitement and glamour filled the air as the Muslim community in Uganda gathered at Hotel Africana to watch the first ever Hijab and Kanzu fashion show in the country last weekend.
Peace and Love Initiative with various designers such as Tum fashions, Intermix Boutique, Nanar Shoppers Point, Shuhura from Kenya, Janat Ladies Centre and Smart Bridals organised the event.
At 8pm, the hall had filled to capacity with most attendees wearing, hijab and kanzu.
Speaking at the function, Hassan-Shafiq Ssemwogere, the executive director of Peace and Love initiative, said they organised the show because they wanted people to embrace Islamic dress code, improve Islamic fashion, and to unite the young and old through fashion.
“Normally, Muslims wear such clothes to Idd celebrations, weddings and prayers but now we have Islamic wear designed for the office, weekends, weddings and even staying at home,” Ssemwogere said.
For him, the main point of wearing such clothes is to promote Islamic culture in the country because it has been overshadowed by western cultural wear.
Most of the dresses showcased were made in Uganda, Kenya, Malaysia, India and Pakistan.
Some of the prominent people who attended the event include executive director of Insurance Regulatory Authority Al Hajji Kadunabi, Hajji BMK, owner of hotel Africana, Sheikh Mohamed of Amin investments and Hajj Tamil Sewanyana, CEO of Namboole stadium.

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