The Optimist: My personalities of the year

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By Dennis D. Muhumuza

Posted  Sunday, December 29  2013 at  00:00

Uganda is one dramatic republic. All year through, the fly on the wall has watched fast-paced action that provokes a combination of laughter and tears, thanks of the highly gifted players at the centre of it from whom flowed endless life lessons and inspirations. Presenting the optimist’s top five personalities of 2013:

1. Dr. Kiiza Besigye – for bringing back to life the best movie titles and one-liners: “The Meteor man’, ‘Superman’, ‘No Retreat No Surrender’, ‘Die Hard’, ‘I’ll be back’, name it. This guy embodies the famous Ugandan coinage: “Star taffa”. The Ugandan police has had to abandon their job to hold him hostage in his home. For fighting for the greater good of the masses; poking the government into doing its job, for teaching us to be tear-gas resistant and to stand for our rights, for belling the big cat in State House, “Senyondo” is my personality of the year.

2. Rebecca Kadaga – Last year, you promised to gift us by passing a strong law against homosexuality. Even though the dream was differed, you made it happen this year. I love your independent spirit and patriotism, and oh no one can beat you at dancing the pakachini! Madam Speaker, will you marry me?

3. Stephen Kiprotich – for using his legs to spread his name and fame. For flying the Ugandan flag high when we had lost hope. Nurture your talent, and you will never die broke, that is what I learned from you.

4. Jennifer Musisi – for taking on a five-star officer and an impudent Lord mayor and coming out almost unscathed. Then you threw the unruly, uncouth vendors off the streets to give the pedestrian breathing space. You also planted flowers in the city centre and parched the roads. Not so bad for beauty and orderliness.

5. Ruth Komuntare Thomas – for teaching us not to rush things. We learned that beauty, royalty and money is not everything. You need to be faithful, respectful and humble, and maybe you can find happiness.