Sunday March 3 2013

The Virgin Islands and temptations

By Beatrice Akite

I have always known that when given a name, it has great impact on whoever gets in contact with it. My name for example may not be well explained by anybody, but to the Italians, they thought blessed and bringer of joy was the best meaning attached to this name. I was made to understand that a virgin in my grandfather’s days was so treasured, that anybody would die to have one.

It was a blessing to have a virgin in one’s house. Just in case any of you gentlemen who have been to this place get to read this, please tell us you met some virgins when you went to this Island because it is heart breaking for a name as precious as this not to yield “tangible” fruits.

Those who have been to Virgin Island must have had fun. At least the time I went there I had fun to the extent of tip toeing back to the house and giving my mother a hearty laugh as she observed the coward return from the habitant of virgins. This she testified in the morning ridiculing me from fearing to awaken others.

I have no problem with Virgin Island because it has given many a chance for self- discovery, some even a home. However, it is saddening that just as we are beginning to get used to the name and the fruits of the virgin habitat, the name is reborn to Temptation of all names, I am marvelled why. I would not want to comment about this name, but whenever I mention it, I burst out laughing harder than I did for Virgin Island. Now, I guess this would be a good reference point to the manger to find out what happened. Surely, from Virgin Island to tempt whaaaaaaaaat???

When I think about this, I am so puzzled because it seems all the virgins had either been “virginless” or refused to reform to the demands of the place or they now need to move to another level, and now need some temptation. My only worry with this name is the location. Those who have been a long Portbell- Luzira Road will concur with me that we have pupils, students, parents in this area.

They use this very road area every other day and when they read this kind of name, it gets rooted in them even to be tempted the more to do anything. I am just wondering whether the name was just to tempt the children in the secondary or more so those in the primary. Don’t ask me whether I will be willing to go to temptation because the last time I went to Virgin Island, I could not differentiate my status from those I encounter red, I wouldn’t want to be tempted to tempt the least of you. Just in case you see me there, don’t be tempted to worry but attempt to know why I was tempted to be in temptation, after all like Shakespeare says “what is in a name?”