Sunday February 14 2016

The definition of this love

By Dennis D. Muhumuza

Love is the greatest word ever crafted out of the English alphabet. But it’s more than a word. It’s the invisible force from which we derive sustenance as a people. It has nothing to do with wearing red on Valentine’s Day and drinking old wine in heart-shaped glasses. Love is way, way deeper than that.

It’s a treasure found only in the heart and so precious it can never be bought. Whereas money can blind some men and women to give you their bodies, that has never translated to love because true love is a gift freely given and unconditional.

Love is the glue that binds a man and woman so firmly that they live together as one in holy matrimony for the rest of their lives, and raise children to take after them as best as they possibly can. The posterity of the human race is hinged on that.

This does not come easy. That’s why love is patient, kind and so understanding it easily forgives and focuses on bringing out the best in others. Love is basically the embodiment of the best human virtues and ideals. Things like jealousy, insensitivity, selfishness and other destructive emotions and deeds only serve to slow down the moving wheels of love. Pride, too, because it makes you feel superior. And when you deem yourself better than others it’s easy to dismiss them under the pretext that they have nothing to offer you. But the understanding that we are all imperfect makes it easier to stick as one in thick and thin.

Love in essence never insists on having its way but rather respects the wishes of others. It’s not about “give me give me give me”. Only ticks and fleas do that. Love should be a competition to please one another!
Overall, only three things are vital for us to live fulfilled lives. Trusting in God steadily, keeping hope alive and loving extravagantly. The last is the most important.