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The groom’s father bought their rings

The couple after exchanging their vows at St

The couple after exchanging their vows at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe. Courtesy PHOTO. 

By David S Mukooza

How did you meet?
John Paul: We met through Naomi Babirye, my cousin.
Winnie: Naomi is my close friend and we were roommates at university. We were like sisters.

When did you get close?
Winnie: John Paul became a frequent visitor to our hostel and he always came under the guise of checking on his cousin. In the process, we became close because at some point people thought that he slept in our room.
John Paul: The time I visited at her hostel and this seemed like a one in a million chances so we became close and decided to take on the journey.

What attracted you to each other?
John Paul: Her personality. Winnie is the kind of girl who is soft spoken, walks gracefully and generally she handles issues with a lot of care and I remember the time I decided to tell her about this whole dating thing she was calm and decided to listen to me.
Winnie: The way he expressed himself . He was always a confident man and I knew at the back of my mind he would make a good husband so we started.

Did he propose to you?
Winnie: Yes, on my 23rd birthday in 2010, John Paul went on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I accepted and he put a ring on my finger.

How did you feel?
Winnie: I was excited, this is one of my most memorable days. But at the same time, I was scared because I was still staying with my parents and even feared to even wear the ring.

For how long did you date?
Johnpaul: We dated for six years.
Winnie: It was not easy, we had fights that we would later resolve and step by step we reached the Promised Land and that is Holy Matrimony.

Who was the maid of honour?
Winnie: Grace Lukungo was my maid of honour. She is my childhood friend and we have gone through a lot together and she always said she has to be my maid of honour.
Who was your best man?
John Paul: Cranmer Muyaka was my best man. He is my best friend and he was willing to spend on anything so I took him on.
When did you come up with a wedding date?
Winnie: After losing out on the big wedding competition that was organised by Capital FM and their partner spark TV, we sat down and decided to set a new date.
John Paul: This was actually a good consolation for us it made us forget all the disappointments.

Where did you shop for the rings?
John Paul: My father bought them from the US. It was his offer and I have no idea on the specifications of the shop because he did not tell me.

How much did your suit cost?
John Paul: A paltry Shs 300,000.

Did you involve a wedding planner?
John Paul: No, we did not involve one, most of this planning was done by Winnie.
Winnie: I planned every detail of my wedding. In fact, I handed over the responsibilities to the organising committee on Wednesday and the wedding was scheduled for Saturday.

What were you doing on your wedding eve?
Winnie: I spent almost the entire day at the salon and later returned home to rest.
John Paul: I went to the barbershop but like you know men’s business, there is brief. I returned home and spent most of the time on phone speaking to my dad because he lives in the US and he wanted updates about the wedding.

Were you disappointed in any way during the function?
Winnie: Yes, we had booked a limousine and it was supposed to pick me up from the salon and take me to church but it only came at church and worst of all not decorated. This was the most disappointing moment.
John Paul: The rain started from the moment we reached the reception and some of our decoration was ruined.

What did you enjoy most on that day?
Winnie: The joy and happiness my family and friends showed was overwhelming. This was a blessing to me and my new journey.
John Paul: The fact that we stood before the congregation and I committed myself to the beautiful Winnie through vows.
What would you change if given a chance to redo your wedding?
Winnie: I would change the car hire service providers because they really disappointed me. They went against my will.
Johnpaul: Well, I would not change anything but would respect Winnie’ s decision to change.

What went through your mind during the ceremony?
John Paul: Life after the wedding, as a man we always look at the aftermath. I kept thinking how we are going to sustain a family because this was a new life we were beginning but nonetheless I enjoyed our function.
Winnie: It was a dream come true I felt like the whole world was mine. The fact that John Paul had honoured his promise made my day the best and through the whole function I was excited. People were very happy and this moved me.

Did you go for premarital counselling and what did you learn from it?
John Paul: I learnt that communication is a strong pillar in marriage and the counsellor insisted we should always talk to one another before we make decisions.
Winnie: Yes, we went for premarital counselling and I learnt that a wife has to be God-fearing and humble. This helps you to handle family issues with utmost care and maturity.

What is your advice to those planning to wed?
John Paul: Spend within your means.
Winnie: Once you get someone you click with, take time to learn each other and ensure to open lines of communication.

The details
Date: Saturday 6, August 2016
Groom: John Paul Mugerwa
Bride: Winfred Najuuko
Officiant: Rev George William Kyeyune
Church: St Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe
Reception: Kololo Gardens
Guests: 500 guests