Sunday May 25 2014

The teen with a knack for fashion

 Ssekitto makes an outfit using his

Ssekitto makes an outfit using his sewing machine. 

By Gloria Haguma

At the just concluded Mr and Mrs St Lawrence University Beauty By Works contest, among the day’s winners was a 19-year-old boy, who managed to turn passion for fashion into a reality at 18 years. With his own fashion label, Julius Caesar Ssekitto is the gifted hand behind the creations from Czar wear.

At the contest, he, together with a colleague, Peter Kivumbi received a medal as the first runners up, for their clothing and art paintings respectively.

Ssekitoleko, who is a self-taught tailor begun his journey after his O-Level. While his parents wanted him to continue pursuing his studies, and hopefully go to college someday, the youngster had other plans lined up.
After a long dispute between him and his family, he finally dropped out of school, to take on the tailoring full time. His mother, surprisingly, became the sponsor of his first sewing machine in February, last year and soon, he was down to work.

Since he did not have any startup capital, Ssekitoleko points out that his first material were the curtains that he would steal from home and use to make different thing like caps.

He further on explains that he started by making caps and sling bags, which he would sell to his friends. Like any other person, without prior experience, Ssekitoleko explains that the finishing on these pieces was always wrong, and this pushed him, to become better.

He currently, he makes pieces ranging from men’s coats, women’s dresses, to laptop bags. He adds that he would also endeavor to attend several fashion shows, to get inspired by other designers, and interact with others that have been in the business for long.

At the moment, he spends Shs7,000 on buying the material from St Balikuddembe Market (Owino), and this can make two dresses. What you may notice about Ssekitoleko’s creations is the material he uses. He uses stiff material; the kind used to make curtains. He explains that this is very long lasting, and doesn’t fade, or wear out easily as compared to the likes of the African fabrics.

Aside from the St Lawrence contest, he has also showcased at Club Silk Fashion Nite, Alfredo’s and backpackers.