Tips for wearing checkered shirts

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Posted  Sunday, December 8  2013 at  02:00

The checkered shirt has been a men’s wardrobe staple for years, and for good reason too—the print works with every personality. Are you the very busy office or are you the off-duty intellectual? Or maybe you’re the macho athlete? Whether you are one or all of the three, you will have fun playing with the looks in the checkered shirt.

A plaid or checkered shirt will add that much needed pattern in your wardrobe and should definitely be worn in different styles on different occasions. The shirts make for excellent gifts too.

Checkered is a bold and sharp choice of pattern and we always encourage a man who is willing to take a risk. So go checkered, go bold and leave the boring behind. Albeit versatile, checkered requires some rules to be followed in order to be worn right. Here is a list of dos and don’ts that you can go through before you decide on that checkered outfit.

Be willing to experiment with colours when it comes to going the plaid way. Get checks that are a mix of colours like yellow and green, blue and orange and other such bright hues.

Limit your bold pattern in a way that only one piece will stand out in your entire outfit. Let the focus be on that one piece.

Try wearing plaid accessories like a checkered tie or a scarf that will also keep you warm in cold weather.

Always wear the right fit – not too tight not too lose, just right. Look yourself in the mirror and you will know instantly if the fit is not perfect.

Pair your it shirt with solid coloured pants and avoid other prints.

Wear a solid coloured T-shirt inside your plaid shirt and pair it with denims for a basic casual day look.

Go for darker shades of plaid for the cold weather and pastels for the hot waether.

Get a checkered tie to go with your neutral suit or pair it with a monochrome outfit to break the colour pattern.

For a casual day look, pair a white dress shirt with straight-leg cut plaid shorts, a skinny tie and loafers.


First rule of checks- avoid pairing your plaid with plaid! Make one piece the star of your outfit and let it speak for itself.

Similarly, don’t pair your plaid with other bold patterns as it will confuse the eye and can really complicate the look.
Do not wear pastel shades in the rainy season.

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