Sunday June 8 2014

What a man’s grooming kit entails

By Gloria Haguma

Even with the biggest label on your body, or the latest trend, all this is wasted effort if you cannot get your grooming right.
Grooming majorly comprises skin care, and maintenance. The next time, you visit a beauty parlour, here are few beauty care products you might want to check out, if possible, indulge in.

Lip balm
I’m sure many women will attest to this. While you are busy getting your lips all glossy for your man, it becomes frustrating when he on the other hand shows up with chappedand pale lips, close to a starved human being.

You need lip balm, and not just to turn your lips glossy, but also keep them healthy, since dried lips can cause sores, especially if the dryness is as a result of dehydration. The medicated lip balms here would be the better option, as they have fewer flavours.

A good and clear skin is a lot of work, and you have to be ready to put all the necessary effort and energies. So to begin with, you will need to invest in a face cleanser, and use as recommended by a skin specialist. A cleanser will help take off that dirt that cannot be removed with water, leaving your face clear, fresh and awake.

Facial scrub
While you may be able to afford a routine spa treat, you will need to stick to a scrub of your own at home, for regular use.
Flaky skin can be very embarrassing, especially if you need to impress someone or look presentable. So the scrub will help you get rid of those dead skin cells, that are normally the cause for the dry skin.

Body creams
I can count on my fingers the number of men I have met that apply petroleum jelly or cream to their bodies. In short, a man with dry scaly skin doesn’t surprise me anymore. Rather it irritates me.
Covering up your dry skin in that expensive designer suit, is a total waste of time. Instead invest in a skin moisturiser or petroleum jelly for a healthy skin.

Shaving cream
Whoever set this scruffy beard look must have been out of their mind. There is nothing sexy about an unkempt and scruffy face.
So that bathroom cabinet is not complete if there is no shaving cream. To avoid getting after shave irritation, always go for genuine products, or even better consult with a skin specialist so they can recommend what would be best for you to use.

Shopping guide

Lip balm is found in most places including supermarkets, beauty shops around Pioneer Mall, Mabirizi Complex and other shopping malls. Prices range from Shs5,000 to Shs30,000, depending on the brand.

The facial scrubs and cleansers are also available at different shopping points like Body Care Centre, on Kampala Road. Apricot scrub goes for Shs7,000 and Himalaya scrub costs Shs18,000.

Cleansers like Farmasi costs Shs7, 000, Clean and Clear is at Shs12,000, and Willo Cleanser costs Shs8,500.