Sunday February 16 2014

Where is the love?

Fiction is more real than reality of late. One day a man met a woman and they fell in love. After they begot a handsome boy who was later named Isa Kagiri. While growing up with a left eye defect, the right eye that had no problem did not do well. One aunt of Kagiri that had paid them a visit accidentally struck the right eye of the then five-year-old boy. Attempts were made by the mother and grandmother of the boy to get it healed at Namirembe Hospital in vain.

The once loving father of Kagiri felt it wise to excommunicate the innocent boy who had lost his sight and the mother claiming that their clan never sires disabled children.

Like any other caring parent, the mother packed her bags and left the home with her son- back to her mother’s house. It was not long before she remarried and left Kagiri under the grandmother’s custody.

About 19 years later, the father of the boy has decided that he wants to reunite with him. Did he really love him from the start or is it the young man’s success that is attracting him back? Nobody knows but the truth shall will out. For details on that story, read pages eight and nine.

Men in their 30s above must learn the fashion trends suitable for their age. If you are in that age bracket, turn the pages and you shall be served right.

Of course weddings are not about to stop. Dr Hilderman, real name Hillary Innocent Kiyaga held a plush wedding and we caught up with him and the wife on their day’s highlights. Did you know the terrific health benefits of ginger? Read that and much more.
Have a good read!