Monday January 8 2018

Will 2018 year become a good year?

Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

Nafha Maani Ebrahimi 

By Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

While receiving tens of new year messages, some meant for me, others coming in bulk for whoever it my concern. I was getting ready to think of my resolutions, compose season greetings for my friends, then, I came across a video shared by a friend about the status of people in South Sudan. The main character was a lady who was explaining about the atrocities committed upon them, it was the most heart-breaking scene to end the year with. For me, it was the end of virtual greetings, fake wishes and copy paste messages.

Though I know that today, in many parts of our world, multitudes of people are suffering from wars, persecutions and natural disasters, what is happening in South Sudan, remains close to my heart. I have many friends there, youth who were studying many years ago in Kampala while living in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda, this was before South Sudan became the latest country in the world. They were partly sponsored and worked very hard studying, each in a domain of their choice, media, law and one of them even did medicine. They all finished and went back home, got jobs and actively became involved in building their country. For a while things went well, and then politics did its usual games and the rest is history.
In the documentary, the South Sudanese woman was commenting on their status, and while sobbing made a comment that made me think profoundly.

She said if women were leaders, a lot of these things would not happen. I have written many times about this issue, that women who are mothers, would never send their children to war, no mother who cared for the child in her womb for nine months, and who fed him/her from her milk, would send them to their death. If women who maintained their female qualities and attributes, became leaders, they would work endlessly on plans to bring peace to the world. This woman who probably did not read books of philosophy and social matters, spoke from the bottom of her heart, she revealed what her conscience told her.

As a matter of fact, there will be no true tranquillity in our world if women do not equally share power with men, not as a charitable act, but more like a true partner in all matters of life. I know a few men, who treat their daughters with so much love and empowerment, that I can already see how these young women will become future leaders. As we await more men and women who would raise up such an empowered generation, I keep praying that the current wounds heal, and humanity wakes up from its slumber.