Sunday June 22 2014

World Cup: Give us this day a beautiful game


It is that time again when the world lives in a state of amnesia leaving behind all problems, with one thing on the mind: Who will win the World Cup? And it is interesting how men still demand control of the remote control to watch the matches. Have they not observed how women have become interested in watching the World Cup? And why would women lose the chance to watch 20 muscular men running from one part of the field to the other? Does it really matter which ones are the midfielders and which ones are the strikers? They are mostly handsome with amazingly sculpted thighs and arms.

Women love the sights
Who cares if is it an offside or a corner kick, a free-kick or a penalty, as long as they keep playing and impressing us. Why miss two well-built and tall goalkeepers moving from one side of the goal to the other, flying high, diving low, sliding on the ground like mighty knights defending their territory. Even the mature and well-groomed referees are not to be overlooked, just look at them wielding that yellow and red card, like matadors in a bullfighting match, no fear, no hesitation.

It is true that the world of sports is marred with accusations of match fixing, doping, racism and other scandals, but it really takes great effort to develop such able-bodied athletes. At least this we can see. We also witness how they can run, non-stop for the duration of the match and sometimes into extra time, in most cases giving us a very sensational game.

Men shall miss out
It is fine if men keep that remote control in their hands, at least this way we are sure we will not miss any match. It is also very good that men are so involved in watching the game that they won’t even hear us complimenting those players. And imagine if they heard those compliments, how difficult it would be to look at themselves in the mirror the next day.
If I remember well, the last time we complimented how Daniel Craig looked in Casino Royale, there was a ban on all James Bond movies.

We go!
Blow that kickoff whistle Mr Referee, let our eyes nurture and our minds sway in worlds of beauty and art of play. Unchain us from our seats, so that we can take a ride with these stars on a magic carpet to skies above our sky. Even if it is a one-way ticket, it is a worthy journey.

And when you blow that final whistle, remember to give us some ‘extra time’. We don’t want to fall and crush on our heads from a beautiful world to a real world. We need a soft landing Mr Referee!