Monday March 5 2018

The clergy connected us

clergy connected us kazinda wedding

Micheal Kazinda, an operations supervisor, and Alice Norah Namuwonge, a social worker, walked down the aisle on May 9, 2015. 


Two become one. Micheal Kazinda, an operations supervisor, and Alice Norah Namuwonge, a social worker, walked down the aisle on May 9, 2015. The two who have a one and a half year-old daughter share what transpired before their wedding day.

How did you meet?
Micheal: We were connected by two men of God in 2014. I was known to Venerable Elia Kawoya and Alice was known to Venerable Godfrey B.K Buwembo. They however asked us to let the will of God prevail.
Then,we met at St Paul’s Cathedral- Namirembe, exchanged contacts to ease the communication. We could meet several evenings after work to talk about ourselves more.
Alice: I got to know Micheal in 2014 through a church leader and a friend. Through the several meetings, I realised was that man I had longed to be with.

Did you accepted him at first sight?
Alice: No, but after about two conversations, just to know who he was before committing. We exchanged contacts and later started to relate. We dated for not more than six months.

What attracted you at first?
Micheal: She is beautiful and God-fearing. Because Alice comes from a strong Christian family, I was sure she was a God-fearing and prayerful person.
Alice: Micheal is humble and calm.

What did you tell her on the first date?
Micheal: I told her that I wanted a wife not a girlfriend. I asked her if she was ready or if was she just wasting my time. When she accepted and we discussed many things such as our likes and dislikes, I noticed that we had a lot in common. I also appreciated the fact that she was God-fearing and respectful. Her relatives were welcoming and they pledged to support us throughout and they did.
Alice, what was your response?
Alice: I requested for some time to think about it and I rang him in three days. I wanted to meet him so that he could tell me more about himself.

Who came up with the wedding date?
Micheal: None of us, it was during the introduction on December 6, 2014 that the go-between (omwogezi) announced “May 9, 2015”. It was random but we just followed it. We exchanged our vows at St Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe and it was presided over by Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira. We hosted more than 700 guests at St Peter’s Church Gardens in Kisaasi.

How did you manage to plan for such a big number?
Micheal: We met with the respective service providers. For example, catering, we bought the food items and the service provider only charged labour fees. This was assurance that our guests would eat to their fill.

Did you hire a wedding planner?
Micheal: No, we used the help of friends and family. One of our friends helped me draw the introduction and wedding budgets.

What was your colour theme?
Alice: White and black in animal print pattern because it was trending.
What type of cars did you use?
Micheal: Relatives and friends offered and fuelled for us four cars; a cream Mercedes Benz, a silver Toyota Kluger and two silver Toyota Prados.

How much did the rings cost?
Micheal: I bought the rings at Shs600,000 each from Star Jewellers in Kampala.

How much did you spend on photography and music?
Micheal: Shs 4m; Shs3m for photography and videography and Shs1m on music.

Who was your best man?
Micheal: Andrew Bakabulindi, my younger brother because we are close, I wanted to inspire him into joining the marriage institution.

What criteria did you follow to choose groomsmen?
Micheal: Initially, I had chosen three people who were of the same size and height but two pulled out a few days to the wedding. I stayed with one.
Tell us about your attire.
Alice: A white mermaid fitting gown that matched my body type. I hired it from Sister’s Bridal Shop on Bombo Road at Shs600,000. I later changed into a light purple fitting changing dress that was tailored at Shs500,000. Because of the silver sequins on my gown and changing dress, I used one pair of comfortable silver shoes which I bought at Shs40,000.
Micheal: My suit cost Shs350,00 and my pair of shoes went for Shs100,000.

Who was your maid of honour?
Alice: Tabitha Ssenkunku, my young sister and good friend. Apart from her being married and us having the same skin complexion, she advises me with developmental ideas.
What did you consider while choosing the maids?
Alice: Their size, height and my relationship with them. My entourage comprised; two friends, a sister in-law and a cousin.
What was the most exciting moment on your wedding day?
Micheal: When I entered church and when we exchanged vows. My dream was fulfilled. Our cake was tasty and it had been delivered as promised.
Alice: When my father walked me to the altar.
Did you have any fears?
Micheal: It rained heavily in the morning and I wondered how the day would go. Gladly, it stopped at about midday and we had a bright day and colourful function.
Alice: We had an outdoor reception and when it started raining I could not imagine how things would turn out. I was worried about whether the bridal tent would be firm because I have heard of stories where the bridal tent falls after such a downpour. I was also scared when the bishop asked if there was someone with a reason why we should not be joined in holy matrimony. I imagined some dramatic people coming to stop us.

Did anything go wrong?
Micheal: The DJ did not stick to our playlist but I’m glad we had many performing choirs available.
Alice: The DJ played discotheque music, I even failed to dance to it.

How has premarital counselling advice been helpful the three years you have been married?
Micheal: Communication is key and once it breaks, the marriage will not work. Working as a team and avoiding financial secrecy were emphasised. We were cautioned to love, respect, communicate, work and plan together. This has helped us move on happily and they will guide us through until the Lord does us apart. Alice has taught me how to cook, pray, to be organised and tidy.
Alice: I was cautioned to be respectful and not hurt my husband’s ego. And, that I should always encourage him in all his endeavours. To trust and base my marriage on God. These are helpful pieces of advice that have seen us stay on course.

What was exciting about your honeymoon?
Micheal: Having quality time with my wife was amazing. We relaxed and enjoyed every bit of ourselves.
Alice: I liked the time we spent together, the place was quiet and relaxing.

What challenged you the most during preparations?
Micheal: Some of the people who were delegated to do certain tasks failed to pull them off. I ended up chipping in to make sure that things were done which helped me to put everything in place.
Alice: I also moved a lot, looking for stuff plus travelling home every weekend for preparatory meetings. Also, mobilising funds was hectic but we managed to clear pending payments.

What should one be keen on as they prepare for their wedding?
Micheal: Have a dedicated organising committee and look out for the best service provider(s). And before you release money, know how much that particular person can deliver to avoid disappointment.
Alice: Choose a maid of honour who will be there for you. With service providers, invest in more time to get the best most especially for cake. Choose maids that can fund themselves to avoid overspending.