Monday March 12 2018

And the trade fair turned into a seduction game

Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

Nafha Maani Ebrahimi 

By Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

Mido, is an Eyewear show (Fair), that takes place towards the end of February every year in Milano- Italy. Its purpose is for business people from different parts of the world, to interact with fellow traders, to find suppliers, place orders and get acquainted with the latest technologies in the world of optics.
It is a beautiful set up where not only traders converge. Also, families go and spend a good amount of time, as there are also areas with games and other interesting entertainment.

That said, among other things, is the presence of scantily dressed young ladies, standing in some exhibition booths, this, can be one of the most interesting events. Some go the extent of performing dances that are as far as possible from culture dancing! For a moment, you would think this were a night club, and not just any club, one destined for adults above 21 years of age.
With the difference that here, you do not need to pay an entrance fee, nor show an identification confirming you are an adult with a sound mind to watch the closest one can get to a porn show. Here, seduction is the tool used by traders to pull in as many clients as possible. And the many times you pass by a booth and see the totally mesmerised client sitting in front of one of these women totally blown away by her beauty and focusing on cleavage, not the product, while she is selling to him what he needs, and doesn’t need, the longer the conversation, the better, for both of course!

I have seen this happen in other trade fairs in Europe, but this one beats them hands down. One would probably argue that this type of clothing is quite common in Europe, on beaches and other places, especially during summer. In my view, the difference is in the purpose, on beaches and streets, it is a personal freedom matter, in a trade fair, it is a seduction game, where again women are used as its tool. And so many years later, still young girls are being lured to exhibit their flesh for a company to sell its merchandise. Somehow, I do not blame them, if like the children attending this fair today, they too have been attending such fairs, it might become a very normal thing.

At the end of the day, my words might not change much, I know, we will all one day read this again and wonder how much off track they were! But I can only say Happy Women’s Day to a world still abusing women!