Sunday January 10 2016

Private schools that pay poorly would be closed

Pupil in class. Performance of some UPE schools

Pupil in class. Performance of some UPE schools has been affected by teachers’ absenteeism. FILE PHOTO 

By Emmanuel K. M. Nuwagaba

I collected presidential nomination forms from the Electoral Commission on August 17, 2015, but could not raise the signatures and Shs20 million to be nominated.
However, below would be my work were I to be sworn in as president in May:
Rally Groups
In the inaugural speech, I would appeal to groups like the youth, women, the elderly, the under paid public servants like teachers, police and prison officers and the farmers.
I would declare that the fight against corruption will be directly supervised by the President’s Office as the first move to eliminate corruption.

Uganda should return to God His glory by abolishing all acts of witchcraft and devil worship and nationalise the properties of those who will not give up the evil practices.
We would also start using Swahili as national language like other East African countries.
I would also call a meeting of the youth delegates to comprehend their needs and send a message that I am a president who appreciates them.

Next, I would call a meeting with political party executives, cultural leaders and stakeholders to discuss the best system of governance i.e. federal, unitary, decentralisation or any other.
Cabinet size
A Cabinet of 24 ministers and the same number of State ministers would be presented to Parliament.
A ministry of African affairs would be comprehensive of the Ministry of East African Affairs in order to strengthen ties, co-operation and get an upper hand to monitor, investigate, report and participate in activities that bring unity and alleviate corruption and abuse of office on the continent.
Science, technology, curriculum planning and national examinations department would be placed under one ministry of education and curriculum development.

Sports, music, dance, drama and comedy would be under ministry of sports and entertainment.
Ministry of oil and land resources would be separated.
The Inspector General of Government, who is more of a Cabinet minister than an inspector, would be supervised by the President’s Office.

Health and agricultural
Mobile health and agricultural clinics would start functioning to facilitate citizens’ rights at the parish level without any excuse.
Teachers, police and prison officer’s salaries would be raised four times in order to eliminate professional abuse and corruption. I would also fight for their conditions of work to be improved, beginning next financial year.
I would start an education programme of teaching about the dangers of corruption, human rights violation and abuse of office and my lectures would continue throughout my tenure of office.

In the first 60 days of my presidency, I would convene a security and defence meeting with all security officers and advisers in order to draw a permanent policy and action plan to strengthen our security organisations and safeguard against aggression and terrorism.

I would appeal to able-bodied youth to join the security forces and maintain love for our nation.
In education, I would call a symposium for all educationists, civil, cultural, religious and political leaders and a discussion on how to provide better education would be drawn. So I would also foster and engineer a complete overhaul of our education system within the first 100 days.
To avoid people becoming teachers by fate, accident or chance, my advice would be that a long process of making teachers should be established right from primary school and then the teacher be fully trained, equipped and groomed for a long period so that we can raise princely, exemplary and noble teachers.

Head teachers would have to be voted by fellow teachers and parents after being verified and recommended by the teaching service commission. Only then would they get promoted or transferred on appointment.
This would remove the careless spirit of some head teachers who no longer have passion, belonging and not accountable to the school and communities. This bad spirit has killed Universal Primary Education schools.
I would also direct that private schools which cannot pay the same salary as government and lack the needed operational resources be closed until they can afford to operate at a set standard.

On the issue of democracy and choice of leaders, I would champion a debate on a motion concerning the way we should choose leaders without spending too much money. Nomination fees should be abolished and extend the process of nominating candidates to three years.
Secondly, collection of signatures of the voters nominating or seconding candidates per district or constituency is too expensive yet it is disrupted by the State machinery such as the police on the orders of incumbents who are scared of lose power.

Aspiring candidates are usually treated like rebels and this cruelty makes us lose out on good politicians and leaders. So the debate I would launch in the first 100 days would make us come up with best form of democracy and also present me as a down to earth leader who is neither selfish nor scared of open competition.

I would check the lists of ambassadors, commissioners, heads of departments and district central government representatives and decided on who is serving the nation and who needs to be retired.
On my 100th day, I would celebrate my achievements with supporters and the rest of the world.

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Name: Emmanuel Kennedy M. Nuwagaba
Age: 43 years
Nationality: Ugandan
Occupation: Teacher
Residence: Wakiso District
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