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Public Service, not me requested for vehicle from Premier’s office

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By Apollo Nsibambi

Posted  Sunday, August 31   2014 at  01:00

I wish to state my disgust by the way Saturday Monitor of August 16 and Sunday Monitor of August 17 gave false information that could potentially tarnish my good name.

On Page 7 of Saturday Monitor under Bad Week, you published a picture of Nsibambi looking stressed and wrote “Ex-Prime Minister tasked to explain why he is in possession of a government vehicle without following right procedures.”

When Parliament’s committee of Public Service and Local Government invited me to discuss my retirement benefits, I informed it that the Ministry of Public Service, which is required to implement the Emoluments and Benefits of the President, Vice-President and Prime Ministers’ Act, 2010, by providing me with a chauffeur-driven vehicle could not do so when I was leaving the post of Prime Minister.

It requested the Office of the Prime Minister to lend me a car until they provide it to me. I added that the Ministry of Public Service has not provided me with a vehicle and that I am still using the vehicle lent to me by Prime Minister’s Office.

Then Sunday Monitor of August 17, page 12 under “Verbatim – They said it this week” alleged, “When I was leaving Public Service, I requested the Office of the Prime Minister to lend me this car. So I am still using this car”.

As I have explained, I did not ask the Office of the Prime Minister to lend me the vehicle. It was the Ministry of Public Service which did so.
Please correct this mistake.

The author is former Prime Minister

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