Sunday June 15 2014

The riddle that is Naads

By Allan Chekwech

First, it was the Entandikwa scheme in the 1990s, which collapsed due to reported corruption and greed among the implementers. The programme, started by the government to help the poor start income-generating activities, fell flat after the ‘hyenas’ could not stay with half-full stomachs when a delicacy in form of Endtandikwa lay in front of them. The President swallowed the bitter pill and moved on. But the wails emerging out of citizens’ homes because of biting poverty gave the Number One citizen sleepless nights.

Even the Nusaf I&II project aimed at pacifying northern and north-eastern regions after the 20-year LRA insurgency was littered with reports of embezzlement.

Then came the National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads) body, a semi - autonomous public agency within the Ministry of Agriculture, created in 2001 to address agricultural problems.

Billions of money was pumped into the scheme. But the President is now thumping his chest; mulling wide-ranging changes to the programme after the implementers started withdrawing the project’s money for conferences and personal salaries. He now thinks soldiers should take charge of government projects, much to the chagrin of a section of the society.
It is this interesting subject that we look at this week. Nice reading.