Friday March 21 2014

Golola finally comes of age

By Clive Kyazze


Moses Golola always relied on his mouth to convince people that he was the real deal when it came to kickboxing locally and regionally.
In 2011 an East and Central African title fight ushered Golola onto the local scene as a great kickboxing propsect after he defeated Sudanese Abdul Qadir Rahim in the second round knockout.

It was followed by an Intercontinental bout against Hungarian Andras Nagy.
Golola did what he does best by marketing both fights with his rib cracking phrases.

Effectively he attracted not only local but also international media houses ,which came looking for the man who claimed he could pocket while naked.

The fight venue Hotel Africana filled people to rafters. However they left disappointed after seeing their hero exposed Nagy.
Golola failed to walk the talk throughout the fight, resorting to wrestling with little application of the Muay thai kickboxing style that had been agreed for the fight.

In July 2012, Golola had a chance to redeem himself against another Hungarian Mate Szamboki. In a ten round full contact bout, Golola couldn’t go beyond the fifth as his low endurance took its toll.

From then on, Golola - a darling to many kickboxing followers - was promptly branded a comedian. But he called on his fans not to lose the faith.

His next fight against Hungarian Istvan Betyar was a total joke as the two fighters did more running that fighting before Golola was declared winner. It was a farce. Then came the hugely awaited showdown; Golola versus Titus Tugume. It took Golola just 15 second to knockout the latter in front of a full house at Freedom City.

With a convincing victory over Tugume, Golola had won a few faithfuls back, but the Poczo Zoltan contest exposed Golola as a flop. Match referee Charles Blick Mugooya raised Zoltan’s hand declaring him winner before putting it down and raising Golola’s, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Kenyan conditioning
All that was until fourteen days ago when he came face to face with Ronald Mugula, a contender to his throne, as the undisputed king of kickboxing in Uganda.

Prior to the fight Golola had spent time in Kenya and Tanzania fine-tuning himself.
All through the five rounds against Mugula, Golola was a diffident fighter with nothing really showing an improvement in his kicking.
But he is no longer the fighter with so much power without technique; the warrior who would aimlessly throw punches and in an instant find himself on the canvas because of his naivety in the sport.

Against Mugula, Golola was patient at all times, had his guard in place and looked well conditioned with legs were firm.
Mugula’s endless kicks on Golola’s lower body scarcely bothered Golola.
Finally there is a widespread feeling that Golola is starting to appear the fighter he always aspired to be.

What Golola showcased at Freedom City seven days ago was a clear indication that you can actually teach an old dog a new trick.
If he goes with that trend he will continue to make painkillers feel pain!