Thursday April 3 2014

Curriculum centre finalises first phase of O-Level syllabus

By Al-mahdi Ssenkabirwa


The National Curriculum Development Centre has announced that it has finalised the first phase of reviewing the lower secondary curriculum, raising hopes that the body will beat the 2017 deadline set to implement it.

Speaking to journalists in Kampala yesterday, Mr Mathias Mulumba, the coordinator of the lower secondary curriculum reform, said they had developed teaching syllabuses for the newly created eight learning areas and prepared new text books and teachers guides.

Under the proposed curriculum, O-Level students will learn about technology and enterprise, creative arts, mathematics, science, social studies, religious education, life education and languages.

Students will also get generic skills to test among others; their problem-solving and decision–making abilities, communication, social, inter-personal and investigative skills.

Currently, 32 subjects are offered at O-Level but students can make a choice of up to eight or ten.

Mr Mulumba said the curriculum centre would soon identify competent firms to publish the new text books.
“ NCDC will provide guidelines to publishers and also ensure that the text books match the expected standards and meet the objectives of the reform,” he said.

The coordinator also said developed exemplar text books extracts have already been tested in different schools with learners of different backgrounds and abilities.

Mr Mulumba said they will now focus on re-tooling teachers under their in- service programme in the next two years.
According to the official, this will create a radical change where a teacher will be required to teach a complete learning area.

“For instance, an existing teacher of Chemistry or Physics will be expected to handle all the six ‘carrier’ strands within the new science learning area. Universities and other teacher training institutions will be required to change the teacher education curriculum for pre-service teachers in order to prepare them to handle the new curriculum,” he said.