Tuesday May 20 2014

Injured pupil seeks Shs160 million from school


A pupil, who allegedly sustained permanent injury in September 2011 as a result of two teachers beating him, has sued the school seeking Shs160 million as compensation.

In the case filed before the High Court in Kampala, the minor through his mother, Ms Lilah Babirye, alleges that two teachers of Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School, in the course of their employment, deliberately assaulted and battered him on the waist and back resulting into severely injuries, pain and psychological impairment.
The pupil alleges that due to the September 2011 incident, he now uses crutches.
The compliant before court states the school should be held liable for reportedly failing to “exercise supervisory control over its employees who negligently caused grievous harm by assaulting the first plaintiff”.

‘Permanently handicapped’
The complaint states that the boy’s mother suffered mental anguish, emotional distress and psychological torture.
It states that the pupil has become permanently handicapped and his future ambitions of becoming an engineer and a sportsman shuttered.

“The first plaintiff no longer has capacity to enjoy his childhood owing to the physical disability he has been subjected by the defendant and its agents. The first plaintiff as child can no longer play as an ordinary child and even his physical excursions in adult life are limited if at all,” reads the complaint.
Meanwhile, the court has summoned the school to file a defence within 15 days.