Tuesday January 30 2018

Popular career options on the block

A fitness training session in Kampala. Physical activity

Fitness training is one of the new careers young people are earning from today. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

By Carolyne B. Atangaza

The workspace has evolved thanks to the age of information we live in. It is, therefore, important to pause, analyse and then decide on the career path to choose among the plethora of options available.

Media and entertainment
In addition to the traditional media of FM Radio channels and TV channels there is a growing online publishing industry that is increasingly recruiting qualified professionals. Social media, too, has become an important aspect of media strategy for companies and hence requires qualified professionals in plenty.
William Tukei always had an interest in art and design but studied Social Sciences at university. After five years of unfulfilling jobs, he took an online course in Multimedia studies where he learned how to do graphics, website design, managing databases and network engineering.
Currently, he owns his own firm, 2K Graphics based in Kamwokya where he employs several other creative youth. “There is never a time when we do not have a contract. There is always someone who needs a website, a firewall or local network connection,” he says.

Fashion and beauty
The need for people to look their best at all times due to the influence of social media has taken over our world and opened up a huge arena for careers in fashion. These careers encompass wardrobe, footwear, costumes, accessories and makeup.
Solomon Tazibone, an award winning stylist and TV Fashion critic, says the fashion industry in Uganda is still virgin and has incredible potential.
“Fashion is a multi-trillion dollar global industry, encompassing everything from textile and apparel brands to wholesalers, importers and retailers,” Tazibone asserts. To join the industry one has to study design and have an interest in the field.

International relations
Our world has become a global village and someone has to specialise in how to negotiate the intricacies of living and doing business in this environment. A career in international communication will equip you with the principles of verbal and non-verbal communication in any international context, such as during negotiations or when mediating a conflict between nations, in a trade affair, during a political speech, among others. You can be a public relations officer for companies, institutions or political figures.

Recreation and leisure
You cannot throw a stone without hitting either a gym or a massage parlour in Kampala suburbs.
One does not need an advanced degree in economics studies to realise that there is an endless demand of qualified professionals in areas such as therapy recreation, sport and physical recreation to take advantage of.
Mercy Ochom says after her degree in Business Administration from Nkumba University failed to get her a job, she found herself working as receptionist at a massage parlour in Bukoto, Kampala. Before long she realised that the masseuses were earning four times what she earned every month.
“I begged them to teach me, but they were not forthcoming so I enrolled in a beauty school where I specialised in aromatherapy, reflexology, body treatments and massage,” Ochom narrates. Currently, she runs her own beauty and massage parlour and she says she is always looking for new people as the demand is too high.
If you have been looking for a way to join one of these new careers, there is still time but remember the tide changes at a very fast rate.