Tuesday January 23 2018

What next after graduation?

Some of the recent graduates already working

Some of the recent graduates already working with Daily Monitor. Photo by Alex Esagala 

By Desire Mbabaali

Last week was filled with merrymaking and celebrations after the 68th Makerere University graduation ceremony. We congratulate all the graduates! One thing is obvious though. To many, this is just the beginning of a career road, a journey of putting in practice the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired over the years of study. And in celebration of dreams that have come to reality and a career journey ahead, different graduates share their next move after graduation.

Kened Bwambale, Bachelor of Arts with Education - Kyambogo University

Before graduation, there was imperishable fear of what life may be after. Contrary to my initial fears, life seems to be getting on well. I am already teaching at Mpoma Girls School, Mukono. The school trusted me during my school practice and gave me a job. I have also featured in a poetry anthology ‘Fire on the Mountain’ by Dr Danson Kahyana.

Irene Misanya, Bachelor of Arts in Education – Makerere University

Though I have done a degree in education, I am not planning to go in the classroom, but to venture into the business world. My actual interests are in marketing and sales and perhaps I am doing the diversion mainly because I find the classroom boring. I did education because I was on government sponsorship and due to the financial crisis, I could not let the government scholarship chance pass.

Christine Nakkazi, Masters in Animal Science – Makerere University

This career journey has not been an easy one, but all it takes is courage and commitment under divine guidance. The journey is long, narrow and bumpy but trust me, the fruits are sweet and far more rewarding. I am currently a lecturer at Bugema University and a consultant for Private Sector Foundation Uganda after pursuing my MSC.

Sylvia Nabimanya – Bachelor of Library and Information Science – Makerere University
I want to get a job that will help me develop my personal skills and drive my career further. I plan to do that by being open to any opportunities that come my way. Of course I will do research, and in case there is no job, I am planning to use the skills I have acquired to start up something for myself regarding information brokerage.

Emmanuel Okwii Emuron, Bachelor of Science in Population – Makerere University

I am so happy that a day like this (graduation) has come to pass in my life. Currently, I am working somewhere but I am hoping for something better. I also hope to pursue a Masters course someday.

Fabian Okware, Bachelor of Science in Business Statistics - Makerere University
I want to further my career in research and product development since I have great passion for research. I have been doing temporary research assignments with some organisations majorly market survey’s and feasibility studies and would welcome any opportunity that knocks at my door to help me further achieve this dream. I also wish to help continuing students at the university in their research reports and proposals since I have been doing so during my holidays as well.

Julius Mark Mutaawe, Bachelor of Journalism and Communication, Makerere University

I plan to begin working – starting up some small business and make sure I implement the skills I have learnt in school. I do not intend to search for jobs because I think job creation is a better option. You see, wherever you ask for a job, they will ask you for experience, and that would mean that you will volunteer, and work for free. However, I cannot work for free because I have bills to pay. So I plan to start up a simple business downtown.

Nuriat Atuhairwe, Bachelor of Social Sciences - Makerere University

The job world is not easy. Finding a job on its own is not easy, but also, employers want people with working experience of about two years and above. So, being a fresh graduate you may not qualify jobs but I intend to volunteer in some organisations as I gain experience and build my CV. I also intend to write project proposals and submit them in different organisations. I would also love to go back to school and do a postgraduate because the job market is too competitive.

Patrick Jaggwe – Bachelor of Science with Education

I am already teaching. However, my plan is to teach for a few years to fulfill my bachelors degree knowledge and then enroll for a masters degree course.

Priscilla Kwiocwiny – Community Psychology, Makerere University

Now that I have completed my degree, my next move is to enroll for a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, which will take me two years.