Sunday March 7 2010

New life for mother who was forced to breast feed puppies

COMFORTABLE: Ms Alupo now stays alone at her

COMFORTABLE: Ms Alupo now stays alone at her new home but her husband insists she must return or pay back the bride price. PHOTOS BY FLAVIA LANYERO 

By Flavia Lanyero

Eight months after she said her husband had forced her to breastfeed puppies, Ms Jennifer Alupo is living a new promising life after enrolling for a tailoring course to earn a living without the support of the father of her two children aged below 10, writes Flavia Lanyero:-

The course is expected to take at least eight months before Ms Alupo can grasp the art of tailoring. Her tutors say, however, that because she has never been to school, learning what will be her new trade has been made a little slow for her.

This does not prevent Ms Alupo from looking on the bright side.
Ms Alupo says that since she broke loose from her husband’s inhuman treatment, life has become much better.