Thursday October 3 2013

Nairobi explosive ‘same as Kampala bomb’



An explosive found in a Nairobi matatu (taxi) was similar to the one used in a Kampala attack and two city bombings, a court heard on Tuesday.

The object weighing 10kgs, was an improvised explosive device designed to be exploded at a target by either a suicide bomber or by remote control via a cellphone, a police officer, who presented bomb experts’ findings, said.

“The device was complete with all the components of an improvised explosive device and was designed to function to maximum destruction of property and life,” the officer said. He told the court that the device was a replica of what was used in previous terror bombings such as the Kampala one during the 2010 World Cup finals, Moi Avenue’s Assanands building blast and the Eastleigh car bombing.

The officer said the bag, which was similar to that of a laptop computer, “was placed with utmost care in a bomb suit to avert any casualty as a result of a blast.” He said that after examinations were conducted at the government chemist, it was found that the device failed to go off as intended because, either the cellphone battery did not have enough power or the electronic device was faulty.