Wednesday March 30 2011

Worker fired for holding two jobs

By David Mafabi


The law prohibits for any civil servant from holding two government positions at the same time. But the rule was disregarded by one civil servant in Mbale, who continued to serve in two jobs within the civil service. That anomaly, however, has now left Mr Patrick Rwera without a job.

Mr Rwera had been working both as the Northern Uganda Livelihood and Enforcement Programme 0fficer and also with the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation as the finance and corporation manager.

However, it is no longer business as usual after Mr Pius Bigirimana, the permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, learnt about the matter and promptly dismissed the official from both offices.
In a letter written by Mr Bigirimana, Mr Rwera is expected to hand over company assets under his care and settle outstanding advances with NULEP immediately.

“It has been established that since January 1, 2011, you have been concurrently employed in the Office of the Prime Minister and Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.

By doing so, you have violated the rules of administration and finance manual of NULEP and the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders Article F – a (14) which prohibits public servants from holding two appointments concurrently and drawing more than one salary from public funds,” read the interdiction letter in part. “Your offer to resign is hereby rejected.”

Repeated attempts to reach Mr Rwera for comment were futile.