Mbale boss mobilises NRM supporters for walk-to-work

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By David Mafabi

Posted  Friday, April 15   2011 at  00:00

Mbale LC5 chairman Bernard Mujasi has said he is mobilising NRM supporters and well-wishers to start a walk-to-work campaign from Busiu to Mbale District local government office to protest high prices of essential commodities.

“When prices increase, inflations sets in, it does not only affect opposition but affects all of us; even us who belong to the ruling party. We will start walk-to-work tomorrow (today) to demonstrate to government that NRM supporters are also feeling the heat and government must respond immediately rather than beating up opposition leaders,” Mr Mujasi told journalists yesterday.

Mr Mujasi said he intends to walk from Busiu, about 10km on Mbale-Tororo road, to his office in Mbale Town.
However, eastern region police spokesperson Diana Nandaula said: “We shall not tolerate this because he has to seek permission from police.’’

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