Wednesday May 11 2011

Kenya parliament debate Besigye 'blocked return'

By NATION Reporter

Kenya law makers on Wednesday morning accused their government of working in connivance with Uganda government to block opposition leader Kizza Besigye from returning to Uganda.

Speaking in the Wednesday morning parliamentary session, Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo claimed that the government of Kenya was returning a favour to its Ugandan counterpart by preventing Dr Besigye from boarding the Kenya Airways flight to Entebbe. 

"What has shocked us today (Wednesday) is that the Kenyan government has refused to let Uganda Opposition leader Dr Besigye fly back to his country. Under what law can the Kenya government detain Dr Besigye?" Mr Kilonozo asked.

He spoke as he contributed to a motion by Kenya’s Budalang'i MP Ababu Namwamba of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) seeking to establish a special committee of parliamentarians to investigate the cause of the increase in food and fuel prices in the country (Kenya). 

Mr Kilonzo accused Kenya working to protect President Museveni from planned protests by Dr Besigye and other organisers of the Walk-To-Work campaign in Uganda.