Will the touch of woman heal Uganda's sick health sector?

This Sunday morning, she will take onto the pulpit, as she has done in the past year, preaching to Christians at Lifeline Ministry’s Mbuya-Kinawataka church, a Kampala suburb.

Sunday May 29 2011

Joyce Dradidi Ondoa

Joyce Dradidi Ondoa 

By Tabu Butagira

Other sources suggest, however, that Dr Ondoa’s name could have reached State House courtesy of First Lady Janet Museveni, herself a born-again Christian, who has reportedly been impressed with the high ethics displayed by Pediatrician-cum- Pastor.

If Parliament’s Appointments Committee approves her during vetting expected later this week, Dr Ondoa will become the first female Health Minister since President Museveni took power in 1986. It remains to be seen whether the touch of woman will bring healing to the perennially sick health sector. She reserved her plan to revamp the Health Ministry until Parliament endorses her appointment.

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